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Draining The Swamp

There’s a vast sea of non-believers who don’t think anything is wrong. The 2020 election, Jan 6th uprising and the rest were fine. No worries! Yet there is ample evidence proving these and many other things were rigged and tampered with! Sadly, in the present state of affairs it’s impossible to get a fair trial in any court of law, low or high. All are compromised or corrupt yielding biased-left verdicts like those we saw for Sussman, Hillary several times over and most recently – Trump!

So to begin we need to open the eyes of a majority of non-believers to this predicament, and progress is being made as shown by a recent Rasmussen poll where a majority agree something’s wrong. That poll shows roughly 62% of all voters across party lines believe there was some kind of finagling in the gathering and tallying of the votes, casting doubt on Biden’s victory.

Many hold the opinion if numerous independent polls could be done nationwide showing at least a 70-75% supermajority with this viewpoint the draining of the swamp can formally begin. Meanwhile the Durham report thoroughly trashes the integrity of the FBI, Justice Dept, CIA, numerous other government agencies and a parade of individual malfeasants/traitors at city, county, state, federal levels. These include elected officials, appointees at cabinet level, department heads, managers plus congresspersons and senators, state and federal.

It’s a massive undertaking but all these conspirators must be charged/ processed in legitimate legal settings which at the moment don’t exist. But People become savvy every day. When enough have had enough Trump will emerge from the wings and take center stage in this treason-

ous production; this farcical pantomime! He will proclaim unequivocally the election was rigged, Jan 6th a false flag, covid a crime against humanity, a satanic cabal has been ruling the world and much much more. Here’s one way it could go –

He will make an emergency broadcast using the EBS system announcing the fraud, enumerating its most egregious aspects and explaining how he must call upon the military to firmly secure/maintain law and order. The EBS will reach TV, radio, cell phones, internet and any/all devices currently in use by the people.

He will clarify martial law will be temporary until it’s established that civilian authorities can retake control. In the interim we should go about our daily business, there being no disruption to our normal freedoms, liberties and rights. The military may not even be noticed unless or until there’s some kind of unrest by seditionists/Bidenists, in which case they will immediately put it down.

He will explain how military tribunals are being set up in a variety of places to begin processing insurrectionists for crimes such as fraud, malfeasance, racketeering, extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, child molestation, dereliction of duty, color of authority, riot, mayhem, arson, sedition, insurrection, murder, crimes against humanity and treason both soft and high!

He will confirm tribunals have complete authority to levy punishments befitting crimes, including lengthy prison terms and executions. They’ll be held off US soil in places like Guantanamo, Diego Garcia, Guam, Tierra del Fuego, on navy ships etc. There will be no appeals.

He will endeavor to describe how the nuts and bolts of government will be taken apart, decontaminated and reassembled according to some preset timetable. This includes agencies, departments, courts, executtive branch and congress itself, repeated at city, county and state levels. Lastly, he’ll explain the formal democratic process he’ll enlist to legitimize and reinstate himself as rightful president.

Needless to say, a massive awakening must first take place to welcome and support this process. We know he has enemies and they will not stop trying to bring him down. Ultimate success will depend on the military and ultimately the will of the people!

Understand it’s not just government. It’s mainstream media, high tech, corporatism, education, academia, Hollywood, music, sports. People in these industries and vocations are potentially guilty of the same crimes. Further, this malady/political cancer has metastasized all over the world and infects most if not all westernized societies.

Final note for nonbelievers and all the Doubting Thomas’s out there. The gradual infiltration/subversion at the highest levels of institutions, courts, governments etc. has been a slow, insidious process over the past 100yrs. A search of public records will reveal how, around the time of the Russian revolution, certain groups/clubs/societies were popping up in America diametrically opposed to our system and way of life.

We discounted them as of little consequence but memberships quietly grew, especially among college students and unionized workers. These dissidents had an actual blueprint describing a step-by-step process to undermine and destabilize the country. Administrations like FDR’s were naively open to some of their ideas, welcoming their operatives into the fold. These tainted FDR’s liberal inclinations into nascent socialist policy.

Sen Joe McCarthy was demonized for believing this in the late 40’s and Whittaker Chambers, a former communist, was discredited. Both tried to tell the truth about Alger Hiss who was a traitorous spy on FDR’s payroll for years, but they fought long and hard to prove it. FDR/NYTimes and most prevailing authorities backed Hiss amid an already fecund leftist zeitgeist, him a good-looking, well-educated FDR man. Eventually he was found guilty for a lesser crime. Espionage statutes had run out!

The road to hell really is paved with good intentions, though most liberals/statists won’t believe it. We’re in the soup now because leaders like FDR never grasped how the evils of socialism far-outweigh it’s benefits, setting a destructive precedent amongst the people, causing them to trust/believe in the falsely unbridled merits of liberalism, progressivism and statism.

This world is about to change and this is one way it could start to play out. But standby  –  Trump may have other ideas . .

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