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Leaning Conservatism

Debt is eating us alive. Another debt-ceiling increase along with more of Washington’s budget busting insanity, and we’re done. I don’t mean we’ll explode or anything, only that the underpinnings of what has been the greatest experiment in republican-style democracy the world has ever known, will collapse. In coming months the American edifice will sway and groan as it inevitably settles into history.

Think of Pisa’s Leaning Tower. It’s quite amazing, still standing today for all to see. Once it was a grand structure and people came from distant lands to see this marvel, but time proved it wasn’t so grand. In fact, it was faulty and posed a great danger. Today it’s become an architectural curiosity, demonstrating how not to build a tower. Or, more precisely, where not to build one.

Like Pisa’s tower, great empires and civilizations have risen and fell, having lost whatever it was that made them great. The same is happening to us.

It’s clear. We’ve abandoned our original tenets of rugged individualism and self-determination. We’ve grown government far beyond the limits envisioned/contemplated by the founders, and well past what is authorized in the constitution.

Way too many of us look to government for help, not to ourselves. We’ll soon have a larger entitlement class than a producer/worker class. We even lack the will to protect our borders and safeguard our sovereignty. If ever there was a time to stand up for what we believe, as conservatives and Americans, it’s now.

We either believe in balancing the budget, or don’t; believe in holding the national debt under a fixed percentage of GDP or don’t; believe government is too big in proportion to the People,  or don’t; believe political cronyism is out of control, or don’t.

The mantra from the republican establishment is, anyone but Obama. Nominate the most electable anyone, and we’ll win.  Momentum is moving toward Romney. We’re told he’s the most electable, but here’s a question: is he a conservative?

Another question, are we really in trouble, so much so we’re on the brink of toppling over like the tower, or are we as some believe too big to fail? I believe we’re tipping, inspite of our greatness, and it’s mandatory we elect a real conservative who can tackle the problem, before it’s too late, and turn the monstrosity around.

Conservatives like Santorum, Gingrich, even a libertarian like Paul will do this, which is why they represent the best shot for saving the republic. The Massachusetts guy, who knows? If he doesn’t believe, I mean really believe, things are accelerating out of control, he’ll dissemble, equivocate and politick us down the tubes.

Some will argue that yes, it’s possible he might do this, but if the others aren’t electable we’ll have four more years of Obama. So what do we want? A lackluster rino, or unmitigated socialist?

All I know, it’s very difficult for me to support Romney. He hasn’t convinced me he’s the right guy. But as things progress and he becomes the frontrunner, I will have no choice. I hope that doesn’t happen, but the two premises touted by the establishment are axiomatic: electability, and anyone but Obama!

In the event Romney wins, and he is as I suspect, a liberal republican rino, I believe the republic will collapse, like the tower. And as I think of that possibility, that we may have to resign ourselves to the impending reality our great republic has ended, I’m sure we will cast our thoughts beyond that sad day to a new beginning.

We will rally our forces, muster our resolve, and strive to start again. I know we would do this.

But a lingering confusion of the debacle will always be the notion it happened on our watch . . America collapsed, like the Soviet Union before it, while a republican was in the White House!

This would be unfortunate, for history should be clear: it was unbridled liberalism and the collusion of rinos like he and others before him that failed us. Not conservatism!


Explanatory Remarks

I wrote this back in January’12 when the primary was still going, and there was uncertainty. I was not a Romney fan. But he pulled it off so now I’m on board, as I think all conservatives must be. Let’s see what happens. He’ll soon show his true colors and lead us out of the fray > or into the darkness.

In case of the latter, I pray good, honest historians will tell the tale, and tell it true, so future Americans won’t doubt the reasons for our downfall.


Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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