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In the article RUINOUS DELUSIONS we saw how our people are divided into normies, squirmies, woke and awake. The first two are doing their business, living life and expecting another election cycle come November 8th. They’re reading their ballot instructions, choosing candidates, deciding what bills and propositions they want and basically readying themselves to vote.

The last two groups are a bit more alert, hearing rumblings of possible problems. Many are prepared to see the election cancelled! These rumblings are not coming from mainstream media, wouldn’t you know. They’re hinted at by the patriot community in cyberspace, the internet warriors who try their best to bring those awake the latest news and intel.

The woke do their daily deeds, following their Deep State leaders and doing the biddings of the cabal. They may or may not know about the midterms, at the whimsy of their managers, but I have to believe they’re beginning to sense things are not going their way! If this is right, it isn’t too hard to connect the dots and realize their only hope is to stop the process before they lose their majorities across the entire political spectrum.

Many patriots also hope the midterms will be cancelled, but this is because we don’t believe voting has been fixed. We refuse to participate in a corrupt process only to see our votes ripped off again! We’ve been virtually paralyzed in a fog of outrage since the first time and can’t believe two years have gone by and still no resolve!

We want White Hat leaders to acknowledge this, appeal/plead with the Supreme Court to issue an edict declaring the election null and void, the Biden administration along with everyone in it a fraud and the midterms cancelled!

Absent this, the military as enforcers of martial law and defenders of the people and constitution, under orders of their CIC, must step in, take charge and freeze all government activity, federal and state. Then, immediately arrest the ring-leaders of the insurrection who facilitated the corrupted processing.

If SCOTUS abrogates its responsibility due to internal corruption and the military is stymied by its own political infiltration, then the final and ultimate solution must be for ALL PATRIOTS TO BOYCOTT THIS ELECTION! Refuse to participate in this scam and travesty! Send a message to Trump’s White Hats that things have gone too far! No more delays, no more worrying about normies and squirmies! The time has come to save our country and punish the wrongdoers who brought us this calamity!

I pray all who get this message understand the peril we’re in. No more excuses. No more empty promises or indecision. This is the end of the rope, the final straw! If we roll into Nov 8th and everything is business as usual, refuse to participate! Boycott this sham, this scheme to fix things the nice way – by the book!

No more nice guys! It sends the wrong message to any/all who would consider doing this again sometime down the road. That must never happen! The solution must be quick; punishment severe. Two days is too long, never mind two years!

We’ve been living in a pantomime of the absurd far too long.

If Trump hadn’t come along we’d all be on a conveyor belt to oblivion! He rattled their cage and shook us awake, made us see the hideous process that was underway. You normies/ squirmies out there – WAKE UP! America needs you! We are at the cross-roads of our destiny! One leads to misery and ruin; the other – restoration and victory!

We can do this, but we must wake up and see our foe, comprehend our peril. We’ve been played for fools, used as pawns far more than we know. We can only make it right if we stand as one, united in the conviction of what’s right and what’s not!

America, constitution, conservatism, republicanism, Judeo-Christian values. These are right, make no mistake! We must cherish these above all other systems of governance and/or philosophies of life! Where patriots go one, they go all! Let’s win this and take our country back!

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