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Stranger In The House

In my writing of late I describe what I think it means to be an American. Just my opinion of course, as a conservative who believes in traditional values, but it seems I raised the ire of my liberal friends who ask – what gives me the right to tell them or anyone what it means to be an American?

I find this odd, since we all have freedom of speech, right? Whether my Americanism is correct depends on the reader; some will agree, some not. I don’t profess to be an expert or anything like, just a reasonably intelligent person of some 70yrs who likes to express his opinions.

The reason I’m driven to repeat myself over and over concerning what it means to be an American is because I see a lot of confusion out there from people who think they are American by virtue of their birth or by reason of a naturalization process, but its obvious {to me} they haven’t a clue. They may have papers proving/defining their citizenship, but philosophically, ideologically, their Americanism leaves much to be desired.

To begin, I don’t accept if a pregnant woman of non-American lineage walks across a border to have her baby it gains citizenship, nor do I believe if it’s raised in an ethnic/cultural setting, whether inside/outside the US, the child can really become an American, let alone a citizen. The idea of birthright citizenship is a fraud, established by illegal precedent and perpetuated by the courts.

I don’t believe immigrants should come here expecting to vote the minute they become citizens. First they should adjust to our culture, learn our system, achieve English literacy and show their value to us by performing their work or profession for at least 5yrs. Call it paying one’s dues.

Nor do I believe refugees should be eligible for citizenship for at least 7yrs and then only subject to a series of tests and requirements insuring they’ve become loyal to our country through education, training, volunteering and gainful employment. They must swear an oath to honor, obey and defend our constitution including willingness to serve in the military, if called.

I include illegals in the refugee category even though they’re here mostly for jobs and economic opportunity and are not fleeing for their lives from an oppressive government. These would-be Americans, regardless of circumstance, don’t belong here and should never be given a path to citizenship without first returning to their country and going through the legal steps required of all immigrants. A less trying process can be envisioned but during the interim while awaiting legal status they should not be entitled to any benefits or entitlements.

I don’t think a radical liberal, an extreme leftist or an avowed socialist can claim to be Americans either, as they value socialism over capitalism, wish to grow the government, increase entitlements, enforce confiscatory levels of taxation on upper-middle classes/upper classes/rich, re-distribute wealth by any means, prefer globalism to sovereignty and wish we’d adopt an egalitarian posture to guarantee equal outcomes, unlimited subsidies and euphoric social justice.

It follows I don’t think extreme rightists, fascists or neo-Nazis should call themselves Americans either, given their hateful, bigoted disposition towards race, ethnicity and people of color. The ideals described/encompassed in our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights do not/cannot countenance or accommodate such attitudes and beliefs.

The final category I wish to address are peoples who subscribe to a religious or ideological doctrine that is exclusionary in nature, such that it gives no allowance, tolerance or acceptance of any other doctrine, religious or otherwise. This in and of itself is incompatible with our system of government. Add an openly  aggressive, hostile extremism that randomly/indiscriminately  resorts to violence to further its mandate for world domination and we must say NO! To welcome such persons is insane if not suicidal!

Our country is like our house. We wouldn’t invite people in who exhibit intolerance or hatred for the way we live or dress, food we eat, programs we watch or religion we practice. Even believers/members proclaiming they’re moderates disavowing any form of proselytization or violence still aren’t welcome for we can clearly see their moderation is simply passive/aggressive tolerance i.e. they tacitly approve the hateful atrocities of their brethren by their inaction and/or lack of condemnation.

Harsh I know and there are always exceptions/situations which shouldn’t be included in this broad-brush condemnation, but the fundamental goal we’re seeking is survival of America as we know it! Today’s realities demand vigorous preventative measures and protective actions. In this regard, I believe followers of Islam must be asked to formally disavow the jihadist elements contained in their Qu’ran, disavow any belief in the goal of a worldwide caliphate and swear an oath of allegiance to the ideals, values and laws of this country. Their apostasy in so doing removes them from the body Islam and places thems at risk from their Muslim brethren. I’m guessing they wouldn’t do this unless they were deadly serious about abandoning such beliefs.

Now, can we befriend a person we know to be KKK, Nazi, fascist or Communist? Can we maintain friendship with someone close who we discover is such a person? I think not. In this vein these extreme-leftists/radicals/socialists are no different from the religious fanatics described above insofar as they advocate the destruction and transformation of our way of life.

Persons of such questionable patriotism are far removed from simply holding different points of view. These people are like free radicals in the mainstream of our society. They’re toxic chemicals in our body politic. Given their numbers and growing influence they pose a real, immediate threat to our way of life.

I believe freedom of speech allows us to speak our minds as a constitutional right. It follows, to enjoy this right, we must believe in our constitution and share a communal belief and trust in our capitalized, free-enterprise society and its constitutionally organized democratic republic.

Disagreements can swing over the centerline bisecting the left-right axis by maybe 30-40%. Inside this range we’re still on the same page and our homes and way of life are safe. But as we move further out with more entitlements, more tax, softer borders or relaxed immigration policies that let a growing number of dubious newcomers in, we threaten our house and jeopardize our way of life.

Birth-righters, refugees, illegals, extreme leftists, socialists, ultra right wingers, Nazis, fascists, devout Muslims, unschooled and/ or ignorant immigrants, all detract/disrupt our polity and civil society. They represent a potential tide of change/transformation which will sweep us down a slippery slope into socialism, tyranny and chaos. They will inundate us with their unrealistic expectations and utopian dreams and destroy our republic.

America has given more to peoples around the globe than any other country. We are the target destination for the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised and dreamers seeking a better life. Our system and our way brought this about. We built our house sturdy and safe, telling the world we’ll keep the light on for ya.

We did this with care and vigilance these past 240 years, but now face an unreasoning reality which denies our good deeds and rejects the way we brought them about. An incorrigible, insistent reality that will have its way, enforce its will and change the very substance and eventual outcome of our American experiment. A reality wielding the picks & axes of change at the very walls of our abode. A reality banging loudly at our door, letting strangers in the house!

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