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O’Bugler (original)


It’s time again, old bugler, Too Swiftly Came This Dawn

Stand Tall and Blow a Reveille, We Must Our Mantle Don


Be Keen and Sharp, Good Sentry, We’re Lincoln’s Child Once More

Let All Men By Your Presence Know, Soon Comes a Painful Chore

Beckon Bugler High and Low, Let All Heed Well Your Plea

Citizens, Comrades, Homeboys – Who Will Stand for Liberty


See How Raised Flag Seems Furled Close, Making Sad Display

Don’t Dwell on Things as They Appear, Look Back to Yesterday


Mark Instead those Near-Gone Days This Bolt Flew Proud

With Worth

Beladen of Toils, Sweat and Blood, The labours of Our Birth


Remember Too It’s Light Was Dim for People of Odd Sheen

Countless Are Those Wretched Souls, The Torments They Have Seen


Sadly Seeing All These Echoed Visions of Our Land

Still Stand Tall and Make Your Call, Be Liberty’s One Man Band


For Greatness Waits to Reign Again, We’re History’s Best Bar None

Come Forth You Deputations Vast, Proclaim Us Noblest Son


And Hail We Peoples Needful Deep, Flocked Ere Upon This Shore

Found Succor Sweet, Did Gladness Meet, Did Ease That Painful Sore


Flaws May Be O’Bugler Still, The Best This World Has Known

Left to Learn and Find Our Way, What Bounties Will Be Sown


Yet Some Just See What’s Bad and Ill, Blaring Harsh Decree

Shout With Ire How Some Have Less, Besmirch Our Dignity


So Brace Old Flag to Steel Our Souls, The Road Ahead to Trod

We’ll March in Faith or Walk alone, Each To Face His God


Rouse Our Fight, Brave Bugler, With Trumpet Rend the Air

Nudge This Flag With Trumpet’s Blast, It’s Majesty to Declare


See Brave Heroes Long Gone Down, We Ne’er Forgot Your Deeds

We’ll Do Our Best to win Your Smile and Destiny It’s Must Needs


I Am the Bugler, You Are Too, We’re One in Freedom’s Band

Let’s Raise the Call and Do Our All to Save This Precious Land!


Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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3 Responses to “O’Bugler (original)”

  1. Helga Simpson says:

    Al, I am pleasantly surprised to find this on the Internet, WOW, I am impressed. This is a beautiful poem.
    I am so glad I found this here.
    Thank you for these thoughtful words. Keep up the good work.


  2. Helga Simpson says:

    You are very welcome.
    Thanks again for letting me know about it. Keep those good poems coming.
    If I was the first person to comment on this and let you know about it, made you aware that something was not correct.

    Kind regards

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