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Swing State Jews

Jews Can be Right!

In many states Jews will be a critical/crucial component of voter turnout, and they’re poised to do their usual liberal thing; vote overwhelmingly democrat. Media polls remind us how blacks/ browns will do the same, as will academics, media types, unionists, government workers, celebrities, Lazarean absentees in Chicago cemetaries, and I suppose every one of the 47Mil on food stamps plus millions more on entitlements who don’t pay tax.

When will Jews get it? Obama lied! He lied about cutting debt, transparency, more jobs, better economy, ending wars. Where is it written Jews must be liberals? Election after election 75-80% of you {J80’s} seem to think this is the case.

He’s given trainloads of money to cronies, some who went bank- rupt, then says his opponent is a ruthless businessman, killing jobs/sending them offshore. Isn’t this hypocritical? And why slight Bibi? Obama hasn’t even gone to Israel since becoming president. He went to Saudi, Egypt, Kenya -why not Israel?

He lets one man, Harry Reid, hold congress to ransom, blocking every piece of legislation. Is this leadership? Where’s the diplomacy? We’ve gone 3yrs+ without a budget. National debt has soared to $16Tril! Re-elect him and it will top $20Tril!!

He lies, plays partisan politics, is no friend to Israel, has driven us almost to bankruptcy, shows no leadership skills, has no management experience, pays homage to his cronies and apologizes to our enemies. Are these the attributes of a president?

Let’s get real. This charlatan doesn’t deserve your support! Come on, you’re a smart bunch. Use your kup! Besides monotonously blaming Bush, he backtracked on bi-partisanship, no new taxes, exec privilege, energy independence, border security, illegals, leaking top secrets. Where can he boast?

You must reassess! We can’t afford four more years! Give an ear while I cajole. If still unmoved he’s re-elected and everything goes to hell! Jews can explain why they vote/think the way they do, and helped lose our country. You’re thinking, good luck with that, Mr. Gentile!

Rebecca, my mother, was Jewish, making me Jewish. She taught me best she could, warned of bigotry/anti-Semitism, praised FDR, told me unions helped the little guy, democrats helped unions, and republicans are big shot snobs {spit!}. She also begged, get an education! She crammed ‘till I was 10, then left it to fate.

Between the Yiddish and stories of shtetls, I learned tradition, duty to forefathers, a strong work-ethic and to never forget who I was. You’re half-Jew, Alvan, but it’s the important half!

A lot of her stuff didn’t stick because I never felt like a victim. I didn’t care about politics and thought her stories of the Jews were exaggerated. Most of my friends were Mexican, Italian, Irish and black. Me & Simon were the Jews. Kids in LA in the 50’s, assimilating, learning, having fun. We had Eisenhower, Elvis & Sputnik!

I’m a Jew who doesn’t think like one – politically. I cast off the baggage, learned to be independent, hard working, have a strong love of country, with kindred spirit, fond memories and awe/respect for the Jewish experience. Still, I’m conservative.

Not much cajoling yet? You J80’s expect the worst from republicans, right? That’s why Jews doing well have guilt. Those not do- ing well, still the guilt! You’re all mired in the victimization thing, tribal atavisms and every kind of minority neurosis there is, plus a 2nd class citizen mindset. Enough already! Stop reminding!

You identify with the little guy. Your psyche, born of experience, is steeped in the horrors of history. The czars, kommisars, kings, emperors, dictators, potentates, republicans – what? Do you lump us in with those guys? Why? Which republican, starting with Lincoln, came close to being like them?

Some fact checking. Haven’t Jews fared better in America than anywhere else, especially since 1800? Isn’t it true we were center-right most of that time? Weren’t we a nation of immigrants with little common heritage, that could more easily absorb diversity? And are we not a republic, w/representative government and separation of powers?

These were unique during those 200+yrs, especially in Europe with its monarchs, oligarchies, theocracies, dictators, quasi-demo-cracies, all having dangerous centralizations of power: right, left, religious, monopolistic, dictatorial.

Guess what? America has shifted center left and Jews helped do that, with kindly FDR, cowboy LBJ, and now this president! He’s taking us barrels-over-Niagra left, way left, with a power-center of leftists. Think J80’s! Think! Won’t this end badly, in a centralized-socialized-European style oligarchy – that’s bad for Jews?

You’re a tough group; smart, but tough. So focus! Too much pow- er in any one hand is bad. That’s Europe, country after country. America is moving to that model and, contrary to wishful liberal thinking, we will become less of a nice place to live, especially for blacks, browns and Jews! The road to ruin is being paved with good, liberal intentions!

To really tick you off: Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, even Hitler, all started on the left; progressives, statists, socialists, communists, whatever! Nice boys, until they got too much power. J80’s are the same, with blacks, browns, unionists, academics, and Hollywood. You are all in a herd, gulping koolaid. Move to the left, please, everybody left! Next stop, Putz-ben-kibbutz! Next, Sobibor!

J80’s > Pied Piper > rats to the river. Disparate groups in plurality; gov’t aiding/abetting; entitlement masses marching. Give us our bread, our bed, our med and our fed! Right-left balance of power teetering, on the brink of collapse.

So Jews, you in swing states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan,

South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona & Florida, you ca can get it back. Face the reality of what you do & stop the madness!

Center-right worked very well. That’s why Jews came here. Center-left could work, but too far left > borrowing, budget busting, entitling, exploding bureaucracy, we’re done. Take it from a Jew {sorry momma} vote for the other guy! Mormon, schmormon > fuhgitabowdit! If 1/4 switch, Jews can be 50/50 like normal people – half smart, half meshug. And like I say, they can be Right!


Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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