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America Spiralling Down

Hillary Rodham ClintonIf you’ve ever seen footage of a plane losing power and rolling into a death spiral you know that unless it restarts the engine there’s no hope for a safe landing. Planes fly due to decades of technology creating a multitude of moving parts. If some fail back-ups kick in, but things like engines are self-reliant. They fail, it’s over. Many now see America as a doomed airplane whose engine has stopped, myself included.

America is a republic but originally was an idea of a place where people could go to practice their religion, find freedom and escape tyranny.

Pilgrims embarked on this wonderful idea at huge risk. A hundred years later their descendants as colonists again confronted a sovereign and his tyranny. Soon rules, tariffs and taxes became overbearing, forcing them to break off and declare independence. They could not and would not let their forefather’s hardships and sacrifices be in vain.

thomas_paine-e1351007347505Now lest we forget, the mid-18th century colonists were a ragtag bunch of free spirits with varying kinships among the colonies and various sympathies about loyalty to the crown versus fighting for independence Unique in this respect, they were comprised of plain folk trying to make their way, ply their trades and live their lives with as little oversight and intrusion as possible.

The idea of winning their freedom from such a powerful foe and then building a new country that could provide immediate remedy and a long term haven offering freedom & opportunity for future generations was huge, but to their good fortune some persons were of brave and noble spirit who had the talent, skill and dedication to make it happen. These founders led the revolution, then crafted a constitution defining a new government modeled after the great republics down through history, but with certain revisions and additions intended to protect their enterprise into perpetuity.

Wary of dangers that seemed always to bring down earlier republics  they hoped to create a foolproof body of laws that could sustain rapid growth while providing steadfast anchor, helping future generations lead this nation through change, rough political seas and the affairs of man. They believed it crucial to its ongoing success that there be a constancy of civic virtue and a cooperative, synergistic spirit between individual branches of government and between it and the people.

James-Madsion-9394965-1-402They knew man’s frailties, his susceptibility to self interest, so they set checks and balances to insure no one man or group of men could become so powerful as to diminish or enfeeble the others. They anticipated tyrants, even cabals of co-tyrants, but little could they foresee how a gradual, massive erosion in civic virtue and devotion to first principles would insidiously work to bypass the constitution, impugn the judiciary, embolden the executive and corrupt the whole of government. More tragically, I doubt they could appreciate how all this would serve to mislead and beguile the people, seducing them away from the ideals and principles of liberty and back into tyranny’s lair.

Besides these weaknesses they also worried that a powerful body at the highest level was bound eventually to distance itself from the people, becoming aloof and unresponsive to their needs. Federalists worried greatly on this. They wanted more power reserved to the states so they included a provision whereby states in adequate number could  join to veto the rulings of Congress, the President and Supreme Court.

Hopefully one begins to see and appreciate the intricacy of this new government, the beauty and genius in its arrangements, how inter-dependent the components were with each other, and why at the outset I drew comparison with a superbly engineered airplane which can fall victim to poor maintenance, human error, no fuel, bad weather terrorists etc.

The founders, be they federalist or anti-federalist, were imbued with great knowledge and wisdom and designed a wonderful structure for the long-term governance of a freedom-loving people, and it thrived for 200yrs. But the last 60-80yrs have seen a vigorous attack not only on the structure itself, but on the basic ideals and tenets behind its creation. Citizen’s duties (fuel?); civic virtue of politicians (maintenance?); human nature itself (tyrants/terrorists?), all being called to judgment. The founders could never have imagined what’s happening today.

Consider: court decisions violating the constitution; presidents using executive orders to usurp authority bypassing congress; a body politic growing less and less reflective of our duties, traditions, values, driven to a weakened polity by a endless influx of immigrants; ongoing bombardment of partisan messaging in entertainment and media; a multicultural agenda factionalizing/fragmenting the society; schools promulgating statist ideology with no opposing view; social behavior/contracts being dictated from on high rather than by will of the people; defiance of law enforcement; open, unprotected borders beckoning interlopers having no respect or care for our sovereignty.

Hillary Rodham Clinton,Science becoming politicized; guilt or innocence being driven by political correctness and/or friends in high places; nepotism, cronyism, sycophancy running rampant through the Washington establishment, causing degradation in civic virtue and the concerns of the nation; a rise of new political professionals and elites catering to their own selfish interests; two candidates for our highest office, one having no experience, the other an unindicted co-conspirator and perpetrator of untold crimes, misdemeanors, serial lying, hypocrisy and fraud.

We’ve brought this unbelievable political predicament on ourselves. Constitution, law and protocol serve well when respected; serve ill to destructive ends when they are not. Again, one candidate makes it her life’s work to ignore protocol, scoff at prohibitions, defy authority, bear false witness and flaunt the law. Shame, remorse, apology, retribution or punishment, she wants none of these. The other is arrogant, boorish and stubborn, a tycoon who’s political leanings vacillate, giving no clue or explanation for his postures and proposed policies.

Still, we don’t need family dynasties, social engineers, political ideologues or overly gullible humanitarians to run our country. We need people with a sense of industry who abide the law, care about proprieties, understand duty & love of country, hold a well-grounded knowledge of who we are as a people and a healthy respect for the dangers lurking in our midst and loose in the world. More than who we are it goes to how we wish to be perceived; how we want others to see us.

Male-female, black-white, rich-poor, famous or no, we need individuals whose sense of purpose is keenly tuned to the purpose at hand, which is to save our country! America is in freefall at a point of no return. We must restart our engine, reignite the hope that’s been the salvation of ourselves and the world for over 200yrs.

First we must appoint a pilot who is solidly schooled in leading people, building companies, managing complex operations and planning ahead, not one who couldn’t run the State Department let alone our nation, and has proven herself repeatedly to be incompetent, derelict and un- trustworthy. The founders would say we’ve been going off the course they set for generations now and this woman will lead us further down that road. Give her the controls, she’ll crash us sure.

Cadet pilot Trump is a strange one but he’s got guts, pugnacity, has achieved fabulous success and has no significant skeletons in his closet of which we’re aware. He wants to right our plane and says he knows how to do it. Let’s give him a shot and worry about who he really is and what he really stands for after he gets us out of this tailspin .  .   .


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