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America’s Destiny


Political discourse? Discoarse! Reaching across the aisle? Wire-walk the Grand Canyon! Compromise? Talk to the wall! Words like conservative, traditional, republicanism, constitutionalism, even Americanism are all called into question. Why? What obnoxious purpose is at hand? Why attack the roots of our founding and precepts of our existence?

Ideology, plain and simple. What started a century ago with Woodrow Wilson evolved over six score years to full blown anti-Americanism. By masquerading behind masks of progressivism and idealism these folks are nothing but traitors to the fundamental American Ideals of limited government, free-market capitalism, personal responsibility, even liberty itself. Literally every principle and ideal promoted by our founders in their striving to create a more perfect land is under attack by statist ideologues and socialists!

They’re hell bent on tearing us down till we’re another of the socialized democracies gone before. Tyrannies really. Dictatorships. Oligarchies ruled by few over many, pompous over meek, elitist over commoner. They’ve bankrupted us and our fiscal house is crumbling. The day of reckoning nears and society will be torn asunder.

I and others more learned have warned of this trend, this reality, for years yet the leftward march goes on. Hillary, their standard bearer,  came within a hair’s breadth of continuing Obama’s legacy. Over sixty millions of us found her preferable to the conservative alternative. Not trend, but cold hard fact in America today!

People wanting big government and socialized society aren’t Americans anymore! They’re extreme liberals, progressives, statists and socialists advocating political concepts incompatible with Americanism. Like the old adage being a little bit pregnant. You’re either with anti-American beliefs, or you’re not. Can’t have it both ways!

Government is breaking down, vitriol between parties palpable, within parties destructive. Factions form, unwilling to go along. If things grind to a halt anarchy could ensue. Sit-ins, marches, demonstrations similar to the wall street crazies, but bigger. They’ll spread across the states to the largest cities. Tempers will flare. Police won’t contain the rioters. National guards will be called.

Rebellion could be the new reality. Red or blue would sway locally until overrun by county majorities. States would ferret out those phony Americans hoping for a rebirth of little socialist bundles or stand blue against a tide of red as Americans struggle to save their country.

Chaos would be end game until a voice of reason emerged, but if it took too long anarchy could become revolution. America could collapse until a winning majority rose up to take control. If blue, America would be done. What was a hope for the world, gone.

If red we’d get another chance to re-establish our spirit and faithfulness to our founding, to show our determination to again provide a guiding light to all peoples; remind them how to govern society and manage an economy in such a way it offers best of both to the vast majority who can thrive and pursue happiness as they see fit.

All sounds like science fiction, but is it? Look around. Police are bad guys. The university a citadel protecting group-think & PC madness. Cities challenge federal authority, refuse to enforce emigration laws and create santuaries for illegals. Miscreants/criminals go unindicted so long as they’re liberal or of color, setting a double standard under the law. Media, entertainment, academia, justice system and bureaucracy itself, all aligned in support of these destructive realities.

Make no mistake, if left to go on like this old America will stumble and fall. Maybe that’s what we need. Maybe renewal is the only answer, the wake-up call to fire common sense, rouse moral outrage to the hypocrisy and insanity of it all. Then, like a phoenix, a new America can rise and get on with its grand experiment and vision to make a more perfect land in an imperfect world, offering hope, refuge and succor to more people than in any other place or time.


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