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As We Sow, So Will Reap

imagescad36oo1America is changing. It’s not the same as it was thirty years ago. Some think this is good or maybe inevitable, due to advancements in technology, transportation, communications, globalization and the ebb & flow of demographic currents permeating society.

Plus we live longer. More are older or seniors as a percent of the population. Hispanics are growing and predicted to be the majority by 2050. Muslims are increasing too, using refugee status and lax immigration laws to come here. There’s a constant stream of interlopers, refugees and others entering our land each year, diluting the homogeneity of the culture and tainting the polity of the electorate. These newcomers are mostly from third world places with no training or education, making it hard for them to find jobs. Many end up dependent on the state.

Recent election cycles have shown a firm leftist bias among racial, ethnic and demographic groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, women 21-39 and students 18-25. Seniors and gays tend to be democrat or have liberal leanings. Other groups are government workers at all levels, people in entertainment & media, and educators throughout the whole of academia. A preponderance of all these vote democrat in cycle after cycle with pluralities ranging from 65%  –  95%.

These voting blocs indulge in identity politics, group think and/or forms of ideological dissent, caring more about self interest and personal gain than for the good of the country. If you get free stuff, have a job related to government or suffer guilt related to a perceived have/have-not society you vote for more free stuff and job security every time. You attack the economic mainstream & the envied privileged class unendingly with your vote, hoping to equalize results by punishing success. Those driven by ideology haven’t studied geopolitical history, reject those truths or are in deep denial about the dangers and pitfalls of socialism.

So things are now lopsided. It’s clearly an uphill battle for conservatives to overcome the rising tide of liberals and progressives, not to mention 3rd worlders unschooled in political theory and ignorant of the benefits of free enterprise. More telling, some candidates want to grow our already burgeoning welfare state, increase the size/scope of government and charge it to the top 5% of taxpayers. A few are avowed socialists.

imagesca6cqxg2America was founded on principles of liberty and religious freedom, free-market capitalism and limited government defined by the constitution. We prospered under these parameters for over 100 years, virtually exploding into a land of opportunity such as the world had never known. Millions flocked to partake of the blessings which abounded here, compared with their homelands or other places they could go.

Problem: without a knowledgeable balanced electorate, a prudent virtuous political class and a due regard for established regulations, proprieties, protocols and the constitution the very underpinnings of our society are being shaken and unearthed, putting our entire enterprise at risk; the largest middle class in history in peril.

Bigger problem: we’re allowing it to happen. We’re encouraging this change in political course with ambivalence and ignorance, fascinated  by trends and precedents, i.e. 1st black, 1st woman, 1st socialist, etc.

We’re sowing seeds of transformation, revising our fundamental stance and inviting new cooks to tend our kitchen, to reap the harvest of these sowings and prepare a new table. Where we once dined on potatoes, tomatoes & peas we now munch onions, turnips & squash. Survivable? Yes, but as tasty, hearty or healthful? You be the judge . . . .


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