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Being accountable

benghazi-cover-upIt seems the average citizen no longer understands or cares about accountability, so I thought I’d devote a few paragraphs reminding everyone why this is so important, and how no minimum standards of accountability are being applied to Obama’s administration, government and staff.

To begin, we could start with all his campaign rhetoric filled to the brim with absolute lies, but then his friends say republicans did the same and depending on which fact-checker you read you will be left with the overall impression both camps lied about almost everything. Still, other than bending a few statistics I don’t believe Romney’s people did anything close to Obama’s group. Check it out. Re-read the debates and you decide.

We’re finally understanding how much has been jammed into his Obamacare, and all the far-reaching ramifications it will have on the cost and availability of healthcare. Most can see costs are going up/quality & availability down, directly opposite to what he said. Remember – We’re adding 50 million people to the healthcare rolls, and it won’t cost a dime. It was preposterous at face value, and a majority of Americans didn’t buy it/didn’t want it, but he pushed it through anyway using a variety of gimmicks and legislative tricks to subvert the will of the people.

Then we had his guarantees how continuing with TARP and the various bailouts, and ordering quantitative easings from the Fed to the tune of several trillions over 4-5yrs, the economy would rebound and unemployment would quickly fall to below 7.5%.

Neither of these happened, but he pressed on with the same ineffective policies, driving us deeper in debt as a percent of GDP than any time since WWII. Weak economy, high unemployment, huge national debt, broken budgets, expanding/exploding federal government and more people on food stamps and welfare programs than ever before. I guess these are what he meant when he promised to transform America!

President Obama

President Obama

We’ve had numerous debt ceiling debates and confrontations. Every time he and democrats promise it’s just temporary, things will soon get better, surpluses will materialize in future budgets to bring debt down. Just one problem: every Obama budget has been a $1Tril in the red. At this rate we’ll hit $20Tril by the end of his term. Why tolerate this? Why can’t we see we’re in real trouble, and something has to be done before we go bankrupt!

 They’re trying to pass an immigration bill which already passed the senate, but most of us are hopeful, if not desperate, it will not pass the House. It’s another example of putting the cart before the horse, making promises to do this or that after we legitimize 12Mil illegals with cards and status. They agreed we needed to build a border fence years ago, allocated the funds, and worked on it half-heartedly till it was about 60% done, then stopped.

Why? Why has this vitally necessary component of securing our border not being completed? Politics and other priorities, that’s why. It seems priorities always change, once they get what they want, and this will happen again! Not only that, we’ll have millions more streaming in from god knows where, when they hear how we’re treating their brothers & sisters already here. Why is Obama favoring this, and pushing so hard to achieve amnesty for millions of illegals? No reason, other than votes!

The Depepartment Of Justice

The Depepartment Of Justice


The Justice Dept never came clean as to who knew what and when they knew it, concerning the sale of weapons to narco terrorists across the border. This was an official program labelled Fast & Furious managed and funded by Justice, but when  they killed a border patrol officer with one of these weapons no one knows who authorized it? Multiple efforts and hearings produced no meaningful accountability as to who was to blame.





Next thing we hear, Justice at the highest level in the Attorney General’s office authorized spying on a Fox news journalist who was investigating the North Korean situation, then in another case seized telephone records from the AP in an attempt to discover who leaked info concerning a thwarted terrorist attack? Due process, rights to privacy, freedom of information, unlawful search/seizure, 1st Amendment, does Obama’s Justice Dept under Holder have carte blanch to violate laws of the land? Is he/ his AG above the law? Shouldn’t they be called to account why they think this and act like this?


Big brother is watching you

IRS-agentLast month we learned the IRS, under the Treasury Dept., has been routinely targeting nonprofit conservative groups for audit, with the orders appearing to originate from above Treasury in the White House. From who, we’d like to know? Under what authority and for what purpose, other than intimidation? This is a clear, outrageous example of governmental tyranny. Again we hold hearings, underlings are questioned who say they will get back, or take the 5th. Where’s the accountability? How can we stomach the notion someone in power up to/including Obama feels free to use that power to intimidate, demoralize, even terrorize certain citizens or groups they consider enemies? This is unacceptable & should be investigated immediately, thoroughly to determine who these people are, under whose authority they act & what other acts/deeds they’ve done or are preparing to do?

Brian Terry Memorial

Brian Terry Memorial

Now comes Benghazi, and four people dead. This more than any above absolutely demands full & immediate accountability! We do disservice to our men and women under arms, our people serving around the globe in intelligence service/foreign service, our government servants/career diplomats, the family & loved ones of those who fell, the American people and the spirit, nobility & history of this great country & all patriots who’ve gone before.

To not address and demand answers for this tragedy smites the eye of greatness, demeans & discredits the stature of government, and diminishes the integrity and honor of our nation.

obamasnobThere must be no dissembling, no passing the buck, no pleading ignorance or lack of awareness, no excuses and no escape. We demand to know who failed to do their job; who failed to exercise professional judgment and discernment; who failed to understand the relative priorities of human life over politics; who gave loyalty to a questionable prince before their country.

Barack Obama continues to avoid, evade and shirk any blame for all of these, when in fact they are his ultimate responsibility.  They are the fruits of his crony’s labors, they rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, they happened and continue to happen under his watch, and he must be held to account!




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