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Deadly Political Ignorance

502784_communism_jpg962091f42d25e86797b8b3a0711f1e2cA few years after WWII and into Harry S. Truman’s presidency Winston Churchill, having been ousted as Prime Minister by a growing socialist electorate, gave a radio address warning of an Iron Curtain descending across Europe, a Soviet influence quickly developing into stalemate between the USSR and the west, henceforth called The Cold War.

This geopolitical reality shaped the course of events for the next 40yrs until the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union. Pick a person back then off any street in any town. Tell them one day one of our two major political parties would move far left espousing socialist, progressive ideas, they’d have said you’re nuts! It’ll never happen! Back when Americans of every political stripe were still Americans they knew  the dangers of socialism/communism, just like Churchill.

Premier Khrushchev visited Disneyland, then gave an interview banging the dais with his shoe saying we will defeat you without firing a shot! Was he so perceptive he could see where America was headed, or just dead sure capitalism was no match for communism in the long run?

No matter. We scoffed at his effrontery thinking he was a total dummy wallowing in his own propaganda. Were we the dummies . . . . ?

Jesse-Jackson-9351181-1-402In 1963 we got Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society, then Nixon with his liberal republicanism. He nearly passed a guaranteed family income plan and took us off the gold standard. Then came McCarthy, Muskie, McGovern, Tsongas, Dukakis & Jesse Jackson all spouting their leftist agendas, all too radical. Then Bill Clinton came along moving just far enough right to get moderates and independents to take a chance.

Eight years later, shamefaced and embarrassed, we moved away from the democrats and Al Gore just barely and picked compassionate conservative George Bush, who expanded government, bailed out wall street, grew our national debt and made real conservatives wonder what happened?

Some of this history we’ve forgotten but for many it was never learned. Americans through the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s were traditional and politically right of center. Your average democrat, if I may be so bold, cared for blue collar and the little guy and hated big business and cigar chomping politicians in back rooms making deals and corrupting government. For some reason, they associated republicans with this dirtiness more than democrats. Guess they never heard of Boss Tweed or Mayor Daly?

RonaldReaganTheir heroes were men like Truman, John & Bobby Kennedy, Humphrey and Mondale. I can’t prove it, but I’d bet even some republicans voted for these guys since their politics were just left of center, not the scary socialism stuff we’re getting today.

Except for the Reagan era our country has been trending left for 45yrs {1963 thru 2008} culminating with the arrival of Barack Obama. He took the legacies of Wilson, FDR and LBJ, the beliefs and teachings of leftist academics, bleeding-heart entertainers, media talking heads, unionists, statist bureaucrats, urban soccer moms, minorities and college kids with utopian fantasies and put them all on steroids!

Seen another way, beginning with FDR in 1933 and ignoring the slight rightward urgings of Eisenhower, Ford or Bush1 we’ve had eighty three years of leftist leanings, saved for Reagan. Seventy five of eighty three means 90% of the political mainstream has been center left or far left. That’s three generations! Reagan said only one generation keeps us away from tyranny. Do we think America will survive as America if 91% of leadership, scholarship & populist thought {assumes 8yrs of Clinton} will have dominated almost a full century with Woodrow Wilson’s dogma?

Churchill’s England was/is left of us, especially giving up its sovereignty to the EU (Brexit notwithstanding) and is currently undergoing political upheaval as it decides which way to go from here. Find its identity, get its sovereignty back and regain its pride of tradition and country, or be inevitably swallowed by the forces of unionism, socialism and a monolithic, European government? Trust me, Winston, arguably the greatest statesman of the 20th century, remembering his own iron curtain fears and predictions, would not be pleased.

History shows time and again freedom and opportunity are byproducts of free enterprise capitalism: not socialism. The west thrives because it practices in varying degrees capitalism. Most of the 3rd world does not, or does so under extralegal conditions where the full benefits of their capitalism cannot be realized. Denying this truth is to live in denial, to refuse to accept the reasons behind our success, to reject how even capitalism as bad as it is is still far better than anything else going. Churchill said this, our founders believed it, and our thriving middle  and upper-middle class millions upon millions prove it!

obama-marxBleeding hearts, social engineering bureaucrats, guilt-ridden superstars, media hypocrites, idyllic youth, utopian dreamers, downtrodden people of color and devotees of Marx and collectivism all labor under a false pretense: we are egalitarian by nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re competitive, industrious, imaginative, creative and a dozen more things demanding freedom to practice and enjoy, to be and to do. It’s foolish ignorance not to see this reality. Today’s democrats want regulation, control and bigger government. Their liberalism led to progressivism, then state-ism, and very soon socialism. Total power over our lives, an iron curtain across our stage, an anathema to our  freedom. Ignorance and denial are bringing us to this end.


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