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Demand Con*firmative Action!

UniversitiesI’d like someone to explain to me why my tax dollars are being spent on schools and universities that have an excessive liberal bias? This has become a deliberate modus operandi of school administrators who’s personal biases seem to dictate their hiring practices.

We’ve known for years educators and teachers tend to be liberal. It’s a typical teacher’s political stance, and we’ve tolerated it. But the emphasis/imbalance has now become dangerous, steering young people down a single path, instead of many.

This is unhealthy. It’s indoctrinal, and state-sponsored propaganda. This is still America! Let’s not forget we’re free to think here, just as I’m free to voice this complaint. Parents expect a balanced multi-faceted education for their kids, one giving equal weight to all points of view. It makes them draw their own conclusions as they enter adulthood.

What we have today is a heavily biased academia, media and sports/arts/entertainment industry, populated with an ever increasing influx of young people biased left. A subliminal attack is underway, intentional or otherwise, in TV programs, news reporting, movies, sporting events & celebrity appearances, all bombarding us with a liberal agenda.

Most everything we see, read or hear is from the left.

Add to this the cultural incursions of Hispanics and Asians, a color-conscious predisposition of the vast majority, near unanimity, of blacks, the entitlement mentality of single moms, and we’ve got a liberal leviathan rolling across the landscape. All act to promote a societal dilution, one trending inevitably left.


With Blacks it’s innate, and very difficult to dislodge. With Hispanics it’s cultural, a high proportion being non-assimilative and under-educated, dependent on entitlements. With single moms it’s survivalist stemming from our declining morality, putting in society’s face their choices/outcomes.

That’s not to mention new college grads of all ethnicities, public sector workers and unionists. Even the elderly are focusing more on governmental help and benefits. Blacks voted 96% for Obama; Asians 73%; Hispanics 76%; Jews 68%; single women/moms 56%. Do we see the picture?

High Schools and colleges exacerbate the situation with a liberal mindset that attacks traditional values.

America has always been center-right with a 2-Party system. We’ve been a democratic-republic with the will of the majority projecting conservative values more than liberal. This was due to heritage, faith and our unique circumstance as the world’s new land of opportunity, a place the oppressed and poor could seek their dreams.

It was the right formula. It worked brilliantly for more than a century, creating not just a burgeoning middle/upper middle class, but the richest, best served poor on the planet.

Our right-biased system with all its flaws yielded superb results, but academics/intellectuals now work diligently to change it. I presume they think we can do better, offer more. Spread wealth by punishing success. Achieve an egalitarianized society: tiny ruling/elitist class, slightly bigger middle class & vast proletariat class content in their circumstance. This flies in the face of all we know. It won’t work! Not down through history, not in Europe, not here!

There’s not a single example of a socialized society of our size or any size that’s offered more freedom & opportunity to its people than America. Just the opposite: instability, corruption, dependence, indolence, the perks of privilege and the destructiveness of favoritism/nepotism/sycophancy.

I’m demoralized and disgusted. I can’t believe we’ve fallen into this predicament, and I’m utterly outraged my taxes are being used to support this malicious, deconstructive plan.

I urge all like-minded people, liberal or otherwise, to reflect on the possible consequences of what this will do. Rise up in protest against this educational fraud. Demand equal re- presentation on college campuses. Enact a Con* firmative Action program controlling the flow of public funds federal and state to public schools.

Demand no more than a 10% imbalance between liberal and conservative professors/instructors, or penalties will work to reduce funding. A 5-10% imbalance gets 100% funding; 11%-20% gets 80%; 21%-30% gets 60% and so on. It cannot be the case that public monies be used to promulgate subversive, anti-American policies. That’s what this is. Teaching and promoting socialism/statism as our societal goal. It is a foreign idea incompatible with our Constitution, Declaration and system of government. It is the antithesis of our American way of life.

We must immediately look for ways to reverse this effort and block this goal. America is not, and can never be, a socialist state. If it happens, the United States of America will end, and a new Union of Amirikan Socialist States will be born, the unholy issue of a bastardized political dogma.

Demand Con*firmative Action now, at every public school.

We must address this wrong, even contemplate a tax revolt, if something isn’t done. I will not contribute to our nation’s suicide & neither should you. Do something now!


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