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Drain The Swamp?

Hillary Clinton testifiesDark murky waters of political corruption are rising and swirling around Washington, finding their way into every nook and cranny, soon to be lapping the White House steps. We’ve known this for years, question being, how high will we let them go?

Say what you like about republicans or democrats. They’re all dirty. Some years more, some less, but right now it’s democrat’s. They’ve run the show for eight years, sixteen of the last twenty-four, supporting Obama’s broken promises, lies and rogue executive orders. He thinks he’s bigger than the system, more important than government itself, so he lies in our face and usurps authority he doesn’t have with the blessings of his party. Thanks to systemic embedded partisanship he gets away with it. He and his cronies get a free pass. They have the power.

Bill ClintonNow comes Hillary with Billy-boy in tow. Can we let this happen? Do we need another sermon on Bill’s crimes and misdemeanors, need reminding how she was right there supporting and defending his outrageous behavior, how her blind devotion and personal ambition hurt innocent people, ruined careers, stained the majesty of the presidency, even rebuked and denied justice itself!

These were the first seepages of Clinton self aggrandizement and fraud oozing into Washington, of corrupt authority speaking to truth, of trickles of naked ambition and power running riot over the workings of government and the constitution. For many of us, trust in government was trashed by those goings on and it’s been downhill ever since. We no longer enjoy a warm comforter of governing respectability, but a coverlet sodden and wet with the brine of arrogance, corruption and greed; of blind, willful authority; duplicitous, partisan authority.

Hillary-Clinton-9251306-2-402As far back as 1996 William Safire in a New York Times column called  Hillary a congenital liar. Contemporary commentators, myself included, favor the more egregious pathological liar. Obama put her in our face lying about Benghazi, emails etc; had Susan Rice repeat her lies; had numerous staffers at State and the Pentagon support her lies and/or withhold information. Obama himself joined the parade, lying away.

Dissembling, deceiving and lying is now an integral part of government communications, such that many of us disbelieve or ignore everything they say. The information disseminated by Obama and his cronies on Obamacare was a blatant example of politicians gone wild, saying and doing anything to achieve their desired outcome.

We’ve heard for years hundreds of times over, don’t worry, the wisdom and common sense of the people will see the truth and act accordingly. Just one problem: the swamp inundating Washington has been spilling over, flooding the length and breadth of the land, sweeping ethics and morality before it, steeping the citizenry in its poisonous froth & vapors, clouding our judgement like never before.

ben-shapiroWe’re not the same. We’ve been propagandized, infiltrated and indoctrinated to the extent we’re now only a vestige of what we once were. Reasonable, traditional Americans are a minority struggling against the rising flood of third world immigrants, post-modern secularism, anti-nationalism and globalism. Most of us don’t care if they lie to us, so long as we get our entitlements and freebies.

The Clintons brought their muck and murky water to Washington and survived for twenty-five years peddling snake oil and wooing followers. Now comes the coup de grace: eight years of Hillary and a thirty trillion dollar debt; top 10% paying for the other ninety; middle class gone;  borders nonexistent; capitalism dead; American Dream lost forever.

I fear these things will come. She is the antithesis of liberty, the anathema of Americanism. We’ll languish in her miasma for sure, make no mistake!

Donald TrumpI say to all, especially Never Trumper’s!, Trump is no Moses and won’t part the waters. BUT he’ll shore them up, get the pumps going and  begin the long, slow process of drying things out. He’ll freshen the landscape and bring a semblance of integrity and virtue back to public office and government service. Between the two, he is our only hope for an immediate turnaround. He must be our obvious choice.

We brought all this on ourselves, losing sight of our heritage and values, trying to be all things to all people. Our greatness derived from our One people, those who understood hard work and sacrifice, who knew the value of liberty and freedom, who prized their independence and asked for nothing more than an opportunity to succeed. Those hearty folk from times past are hailing us, beseeching us to return to our roots and the fundamentals of our success.

Will swamp water flood our very existence, or recede? It’s up to us. Let’s admit we bit off more than we could chew, swallow our pride and do what needs to be done. We can teach to do as we do. We can help those unable to learn. We can lead by example. We can try our best to offer friendship to all mankind, but we cannot sustain and shelter the world. Trump is the first step. We need to take it now!


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