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Fraud Squad?

This quartet of women who are being called the squad really need some guidance. I mean, the ideas and thoughts they spew are so un-American, illogical, unbelievable they defy all reason and understanding.

They must think we’ve lost our minds, screaming for freebies, compassion, empathy and justice! They think they’re in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW but no, they’re actually at 1600 NE if that exists getting as much attention as a pack of barking dogs. We hear the noise and drivel and hate it, but still they persist.

One wants to eliminate fossil fuels, also wants to eliminate bovine flatulence and run virtually everything on green power but she’s not sure how? One of her pals who isn’t native born or naturalized either {so far as I can tell!} still got herself elected and now publicly promotes Islam, claiming it’s superior to our democratic republic, suggesting in the fullness of time Muslims will take charge converting America and all us citizens to Islam, to become part of a planned future caliphate ruling the planet.

Sounds kind of Hitlerian, don’t you think? In fact, isn’t it the same tune the Communists were singing back in the 50’s/60’s, when most of us shouted back better dead than red! What can rhyme with Islam? How about better dead than towel-head?

Seriously, shouldn’t we take these four wacky women and the rest of the democrats, especially those running for president, as left-overs from the local looney-bin? I mean, Bernie Sanders is their prophet, who never earned a dime in his life and probably couldn’t balance a household budget with a No.2 pencil. We know he’s nuts! But they’re worse! Now I think of it, how can a sitting congresswoman advocate the overthrow of our government? Isn’t that unconstitutional, seditious, treasonous, something? Another thing, why have we let whole communities and cities spring up that are virulently anti-American, hotbeds of hate who send people like this to congress?

Sanders is a socialist, plain and simple, and his ideas are crap!

But after 50yrs of believing this he can’t help himself. These gals on the other hand are young, naïve & mostly home-grown. How can they think problems plaguing one of the most successful societies on earth are intrinsic to capitalism & won’t be fixed so long as we stick to that system; socialism however is free of problems. It doesn’t enforce rampant discrimination against  race, gender or ethnic sub-sets as does capitalism. Women and gays and political dissidents are treated fairly, humanely. Right! It doesn’t reserve opportunities for party stooges/apparatchiks or pay less for the same job or treat workers like 2nd class citizens. Right again! Newsflash if you’re not what they call a nomenklatura you’re about as important as dog-doo . . .

Speaking of sub-sets, capitalism is biased against sub-subsets {they say} such as single moms, pro-choicers, LGBT’s, illegals, the physically challenged, mentally dysfunctional & morbidly obese. Privileged white males {PWM’s} are the only sub-subset getting full rights – unless of course they are fat, disabled, dysfunctional, gay or ugly. PWM’s become  a sub/sub-subset of more under-privileged. I guess to get full privileges you must look like Rock Hudson-Sean Connery-Roger Moore, not limp/ lisp, boast a strong IQ and run the 100 in 9 flat!

I lampoon these PC idiocies to show how utterly ridiculous they are and to showcase how PWM’s are actually an endangered species themselves rather than highly privileged as lefties want us to think! Deconstructing their ranks clarifies how ridiculous the idea of PWM really is! There are no underprivileged subsets sub-subsets or sub/sub-subsets in our society; only in crazy lefty skulls; not in reality, not in practice and not in a bureaucratized way, like there is with socialism/communism.

There are isolated exceptions sure, but not the gross injustices they would have us believe. Iniquities are over-dramatized, like gripes about uneven access to education/healthcare. Education has been reverse discriminated for years and health services were always accessible to the sick and needy, before and after Obamacare. Maybe an odd case here or there but nothing worth shouting from the rooftops.

Capitalism is no panacea, nor is socialism. They both rely on the cooperation of the people being governed who in turn are driven by aspects/tendencies of human nature which in most respects can’t be changed/modified to suit a type of governance – especially when the governance does not recognize or respect those basic tendencies.

Capitalism attempts to give free reign to the human spirit while  socialism reigns it in, making it flap around rather than soar. Of course, given their freedom some still don’t know how to soar or choose not to, but under socialism people are not free to choose: those who would soar are held down as if in a cage or aviary, controlled by restrictions, regulations and force.

Capitalism has succeeded for most western societies, America in particular. Can it continue given our changing size, face and complexity? Well, many societies have grown and prospered, raising per capita GDP’s and improving the lives of their people. Old established countries and new emerging ones, especially in Africa, Middle-east, Far East and South America. In these areas capitalistic countries and moderately socialized capitalistic ones thrive while their 3rd world neighbors remain stuck in post revolutionary socialist-communist dictatorships.

Marxist experiments the past 100yrs in Russia, China, N Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and African or Middle-East states failed. The purges/solidarity-cleansings massacred, starved or dispossessed hundreds of millions, purifying their ranks into mind-numbing complacency, achieving what? Equality? Social justice? Opportunity?

One has only to look at these to see utter failure. They are not green pastures of camaraderie & contentment. They’re Orwellian nightmares regnant with Marxism’s failings, devoid of individual rights, hopes, & dreams. Those pursuing utopian horizons or illusory greener pastures, beware! There are no free rides in this life, only duties and struggles that often can and do lead to hard-won achievements and duly earned rewards, if performed in the right system! Free enterprise capitalism is that system!

Reject this fraud squad of utopian dreamers! They are naïve, inexperienced, misinformed, haven’t studied history, are hopelessly idealistic and fatally unwilling to admit how truly successful America has been, compared with others. They perfectly illustrate the insanity coming from the left. If only their ranks not to mention the rest of us would awaken to the risks/dangers they will bring.

The left scolds us about our shortcomings, propagandizes us  with their dreams. Think of a swimming coach who can’t swim. He/she tells the non-swimmers to jump in, you’ll be fine, but  they are empty words with nothing backing them up. These dreamers can’t swim or govern, let alone swim an actual race or create a better, more brilliant society. They’d be sad if they weren’t such a serious threat and believe me, they are! I’d rather have that flesh-eating bacteria thing marching up my thigh than see these idiots marching into Washington! Is that serious enough for you . . . ?

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