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My wife and I watched Fox news the night of the election and went to bed in the wee small hours of the next day thinking Trump had won but feeling something wasn’t right? As I recall, Barb mumbled as we each squirmed and wriggled into our favorite sleeping positions, they’re playing games again, rigging it for Biden.

Next day, Wednesday, we watched the counting and election activities, heard about strange anomalies that had/were taking place and quickly concluded yep, it was all rigged and phony! Needless to say, the following weeks unveiled what has to be the biggest election fraud, conspiracy and outright treason ever attempted against America.

How could this happen? What in the world was going on?

We soon found out. I mean, this thing was so blatant/clumsy an idiot could figure it out. We thought, well at least the system would kick in, give us a justice-rendering forum and ultimately relief from this terrible injustice.

But it didn’t; just the opposite! Seems everywhere we turned, a body, agency, jurisdiction or court was simply not interested,  did not see a problem, didn’t want to get involved. At first this seemed unbelievable! Then we noticed there was little or no media coverage of this scandal and absurdity?

What’s going on? Has everyone gone nuts? We knew the scandal was outrageous and would be one of the biggest stories of the decade and century so far, yet no media outlet, TV or print, was picking it up? Why? Could the entire media and all its appendages be involved/active in the fraud?

We talked to friends thinking they’d agree but quickly found many of them weren’t aware of the situation. They didn’t know anything about a massive fraud? We tried to put them straight, to call their attention to the hearings and commotions happening in the six or seven swing states, but they remained adamant and unpersuaded. Several remarked how the courts had been asked to take a look but didn’t seem to think there was enough evidence? What were we raving about?

Barb and I are pretty much on the same political page and discussed this at length, trying to figure if we were missing something or how we could be so wrong? That’s when she  realized, saying emphatically we completely underestimated the length, depth and breadth of the corruption and scope of the Deep State! It was monstrous beyond all comprehension, a bit like a termite infestation taking weeks of tenting to eradicate, instead of the normal few days.

Of course legal avenues for redress weren’t working: they were corrupt! Of course governors wouldn’t cooperate; corrupt! Courts, state legislatures, Congress, Justice Dept/FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, mainstream media, education, scholarship; all corrupt! Who would believe it? Who could comprehend such a massive, wide-spread evil and malicious influence could permeate the whole of government, top to bottom? Not one single person, that’s who!

Its beyond belief or description, surpassing any known precedent in our country’s history. It took the CCP years to gain their first tentative footholds before making insidious in-roads into our government. It took generations and many administrations to come to fruition, using our greed and human lusts for power, money and sex. It took our careless arrogance as we indulged our proclivities, making us easy targets for compromise and blackmail.

It also took our lackadaisical acceptance of various new groups/ organizations/movements aligned mostly with democrats that in many cases were fronts/guises for the CCP, the real purpose being to take down government: socialists, social-democrats, communists, globalists, utopiasts, environmentalists, Antifa, BLM, to name a few.

There’s been a multifaceted attack against our culture/tradition eroding core values, ethics, morals and virtue. Things like alternative lifestyles, gender preferencing, identity politics, multi-culturalism, anti-conservatism/religion, atheism, normalizing fringe behaviors, challenging societal standards, patriotism, enforcing cultural comparability, diminishing-marginalizing history with radical reinterpretations, demonizing status quo as have/ have-not economic elitism.

With all this infusing daily life and vigorously promoted in mass media/entertainment we underwent a subliminal change of societal mind, becoming more tolerant and accepting of new ideas. When we saw character flaws in leaders we rationalized them as just about sex or behavioral faux pas: no big deal. We no longer drew a line defining a propriety thresh hold from open flamboyance, eccentricity, schlock. Everything was good.

Now politicians and community leaders up to and including governors, senators, congresspersons, presidents could get away with murder. Justice became a partisan commodity, a byproduct of financial strength and influence. Everybody could indulge a sleazy or venal past time without consequence or realizing they were becoming targets for corruption.

The media prostituted itself catering to the moment, selling print news, commercials and airtime. Everything stayed on message and slowly, society changed. The space between good and evil narrowed. Foundational absolutes faltered. Patriotism  became passe, even jingoistic. American dominance/exceptionalism came into question, together with our role in world. Now an unimaginably corrupt election, incomprehensible really, guaranteed who’d win. It was so dirty it didn’t matter how wide a margin Trump had; algorithms adjusted for Biden.

Our friends and associates, including many intellectual peers and betters still can’t see it. They’re reading this and thinking there he goes again with his crazy conspiracy theories! They criticize my posture/demeanor as suggesting change is the enemy of progress, when I actually believe change can be good in the right circumstances.

Where to go from here? Two camps: one believes everything is good, within normal parameters, time to move on; the other a massive injustice took place, stealing the vote from the people, tipping the political landscape radically left. How to resolve?

When faced with good or bad, the decision should be easy. If someone runs a fair campaign and wins, the other must concede. If one lies, cheats and does other inappropriate things  trying to win, they should be disqualified and their opponent declared winner by default. It can be no other way.

Here, not only has Trump been defrauded and deprived of his win, the people were done the same and the country placed at risk, teetering on the brink of extreme left socialistic dictatorship v. free-enterprise capitalistic democratic republic, which we’ve been since birth. It would be a gross miscarriage of justice if we allow this to happen. If we let a pretender, usurper and interloper take power, feign authority over America well, as my title suggests, it will be a total, absolute and complete incomprehensibility . . .

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