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Barack Obama Communist
Some are describing Obama as a deep intellectual guy, quick on his feet, politically shrewd in that he keeps his opponents on their heels wondering what comes next.

Looks like your garden variety liberal to me. A New Dealer, a comrade for the Great Society. When he talks about transforming America, he’s catering to progressive elements using glib, catchy rhetoric, a meta-language filled with generalisms & un-precise aphorisms that ring only in those ears. No deep academics here.

While briefly in the senate he was ranked most liberal senator, left of Hillary, Boxer, even the independent-socialist Bernie Sanders. Examine the record and his mutterings and what you have is a fairly straightforward ideology, asking higher tax on the rich, redistributing wealth, regulating/subsidizing private behavior & offering universal, government-run healthcare.


Still nothing new, just the same old garbage.

His mantra: bigger government, tax the rich, yada, yada. No mystery, no erudition. No effort to instruct/re-educate about his brilliant, grandiose evolutionary vision for a nicer, safer, better, fairer, more generous America. Just the same old saw about housing, feeding, educating, parenting & doctoring the whole of society: Womb to tomb, that’s his croon.

Has he come up with a new system? Obamanomics? Obamatarian Socialism? Obama-Keynesianism? Why doesn’t he spell it out, give us the details, motivate the masses toward this new ideology that replaces that old Reagan stuff. Maybe he’s simply a dis-establishmentarianist?

Obama Teaching Communism

You look up words like liberalism, socialism, progressivism, statism, social Darwinism, collectivism and communism, there isn’t much difference. In each the state owns and controls the means of production, to a greater or lesser extent, with the goal to distribute necessities equally and fairly throughout the population, until such time as the state is no longer necessary and a truly egalitarianized society is achieved.


Where have we heard that before? Hasn’t Fidel been doing this for the last 50yrs?Obama Marx What about half the countries in Europe and most countries in Africa & South America? Russia, China and North Korea? Most Islamic states with their theocratic bent? Anything to marvel at amongst these stalwarts of Marx / Lenin?

Bill O’Reilly early on chastised any guest who characterized Obama as a socialist. Wait a minute, he’d say. Isn’t that harsh? Do we really know this man yet, what he truly stands for? Well y-e-e-s-s-s Bill, we’re pretty sure we know this guy and what he’s about. Why don’t you? Wishful thinking, head up ideological rear, or just makin’ that buck?


O’Reilly et al have been prancing around, mincing words, playing devil’s advocate & avoiding the truth.{Apologies, Mark Levin} If we’d been brutally honest with ourselves, we’d have realized the trouble we were in when he was elected. This was Lyndon, Franklin & Woodrow all rolled into one. Oh, he talked about Lincoln a lot, trying to model himself as some kind of latter day Abraham, but in his heart, soul, boots he’s a utopian ideologue, borrowing heavily from those leading liberals of yesteryear.


Lyndon JohnsonAbraham LincolnWoodrow Wilson


I’m so gifted I see this but the pundits can’t? I get the feeling we’re all being played for dopes by an ersatz intelligentsia of quasi conservatives; talking heads who really can’t declare their politics without jeopardizing their popularity and livelihood.


No such problem for the lefties. When you think of Matthews, Schultz, Stephanopolis, O’Donnell, Couric, Walters, Lauer, Rather, Maddow, Schaeffer, Moyers, Morgan and so many more it’s downright breathtaking to watch them in action, unabashed, in-our-face, strident and intense. They know this is the best opportunity they’ve had in years. Their guy is popular, likeable, persuasive and bright. He’s a pitchman to die for, and by god they’re going to exploit the moment, go for the kill.


Pundits beware! Your conservative bully-pulpits, megaphones of traditional, conservative America are only in your heads. In reality, when you pussyfoot around with scandals like Benghazi, Fast & Furious, White House Email leaks, border insanity, the illegal situation, gay marriage, Susan Rice’s culpability, Hillary’s effectiveness at State well, your Kred with Kons is Kaput! {That’s credibility with conservatives is zero}


When you swallow that Obamacare pill, and whine how we need to give it a chance, to see how it shakes out; when you watch the Sandra Fluke parade and wince how Rush went too far with his rebukes; when you ignore the Ft Hood massacre and all it entails, the food stamp extravaganza, the gross/obscene partisanship displayed by democratic senators/congresspersons as they feint and parry the jabs of investigators, I’m afraid there’s no standard bearer amongst our conservative punditry. You all are just purveyors of the latest dirt, feathering your nests, oblivious to storm clouds gathering.

But I digress. We’re talking Obama, and I should remind how this pretender, this intellectual nonentity without guile, continues to evade serious criticism. The Benghazi hearings are a joke because no one will stand up & accuse Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta, Petraeus, Rice, Carney, Cutter, Wasserman-Schultz, Axelrod and aides aplenty of perpetrating an enormous cover-up to insure re-election. Nothing could be plainer.


It’s so obvious I could scream. Still, nothing happens. Why? Because while O’Reilly & Fox pals are gnashing/masticating the daily scoops, this devious pollyana is busy winning the hearts and minds of the masses, aided heavily by a sympathetic media, a left-lurching academia & an hysterically left-of-left sycophantic entertainment industry. The PC crowd are winning battles, the secular post-modernists are winning the war.


And this pied piper isn’t done. He wants a legacy bigger than Lincoln’s or FDR’s. Historians (academics) are foaming at the mouth in eagerness to paint that picture. Mt Rushmore get ready, new face moving in. Sad to say, for lots of reasons other than the obvious one, there goes your neighborhood!

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