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Last Last Hurrah?

There’s no question this election was a breathtaking upset. It caught everyone by surprise and reassured us America is still center-right, at least by electoral college reckonings. The silent majority spoke loud and clear, rejecting this administration and its heir apparent. But we can’t ignore a worrisome reality: we lost the popular vote by millions .  .

A state by state review shows more red than blue, but the blue areas are much more dense and growing denser by the day. This is a trend we must address before the silent majority is no more. Reasons are many,  some subtle and difficult to pin down, others more obvious that we can fix, if we have the will. Let’s take a look.

Conventional wisdom says in national elections the country is pretty much split 40/20/40, the 40’s being republican and democrat and the 20 being an uncommitted middle, breaking last minute for libertarian, green, peace & freedom, independent, write-ins, whatever. Registered democrats actually have an edge, like 43-44% v 36-37% or thereabouts, but more of them are undecided than republicans which equals it out.

Elections hinge on voter turn-out and undecided drift, right or left. Fact: voter registrations are shifting, democrats growing faster, heading for more like a 45-20-35 split in the next 20 years. This is big trouble for republicans and huge trouble for our country, huge because our electorate should reflect mainstream America. If it skews one direction pulled by deliberate tampering, our culture, society, government and political philosophy will all be at risk.

The two obvious causes we can fix are uncontrolled immigration and cultural manipulation. The latter manifests in deeply biased news media, entertainment products and a tainted educational establishment, all highly corrosive to society’s fabric. Immigration goes to the fact visa classifications/quotas by country are being virtually ignored. More important, most come from 3rd world venues offering little hope of opportunity or improvement. To suddenly access government help is too tempting to pass by. The left flaunts even brandishes this in its messaging while the right stays low profile. It’s logical they go left.

In addition, they flock to urban centers offering more jobs. They blend in, congregate in cultural enclaves, find help working the system and have the empathy and support of their peers. They also tend to be unskilled/low skilled, finding only menial, low paying jobs that keep them in poverty and needing welfare. Two other factors: working under the table and having large families, both guaranteeing access to more and more government help and assuring a leftist orientation. It all fits the liberal mindset and feeds an eagerly obsequious democrat party.

It’s been known for years educators tend to be liberal democrats. This exists [K thru 12] up thru college. Kids get heavy-doses of leftist politics their entire academic career, then enter society as naively self-assured liberals {witness recent enthusiasm for socialist Bernie Sanders!} This is wrong, smacking more of indoctrination than of education.

A teacher or professor can affiliate as they choose but may not proselytize their views to students unless in an open, balanced manner where both sides are heard. Little effort is made to enforce this, so kids grow into young adults with the progressive mantra pounded in their heads. It’s logical they become liberal more than conservative, infusing society in every corner, including media & entertainment. They raise their kids with their values which are again reinforced in schools, completing the agenda to create a strong generational bias to the left.

In a healthy society we gain insights in the course of living and learn the relative benefits/drawbacks of each political view. Needless to say, that should include an unbiased education covering the technical aspects and historical success or failure of each. A normative process can then ensue where some go right, others left. Given equal education and opportunity across the electorate, we should expect a normal bell curve with roughly equal numbers right & left because a majority are satisfied with our system of governance and not inclined to change it.

But because of unfettered immigration and slanted education, along with a strong media/entertainment bent, this can’t happen. A false, non-indigenous bias asserts itself that is unrepresentative of our original culture, leading to an intentional ideological shift. This has occurred the past 2-3 generations. A constant flow of immigrants along with ongoing blossoming of badly taught, misinformed youth shouldn’t be able to change society lest we lose our society to something incompatible with freedom, unsustainable long run and doomed to fail.

Stats are easily found revealing these trends. Immigrants are mostly people of color who vote heavily left, including Latinos, Asians, Africans and Pacific Islanders. Indigenous minorities including blacks and Semitic peoples also fit the trends. A demographic map of states shows several in the southwest, including California, with non-white majorities and forecasts half dozen more in the next 15-20 years.

Add to this liberal whites populating news media, entertainment and academia and it’s easy to see the problem. Our liberties, freedoms, very way of life depend on an educated, balanced society holding shared views on running society which, up to now, included constitutionalism, democratic republicanism, capitalism, self sufficiency etc.

The crux of liberalism is domineering centralized government. More  liberalism leads to bigger government meeting its demands. More and more people rely on fewer and fewer to fund their needs. Middle class erodes, dividing society into a few elitists at the top and everybody else who now must rely in some way on government. The world’s third largest country fills with discontents and dissidents, becoming like China, India, Indonesia etc. The great American experiment is over.

To fix things, let’s clarify immigration policy from the top down, prefer-encing individuals who have something to offer and won’t leech off our system. They should be made to assimilate within a reasonable period with voting rights withheld until full, practicing citizenship can be demonstrated. Those fleeing oppression receive asylum and special treatment temporarily, then either assimilate into our society or are helped to relocate to their homeland or other place where they can be happy.

In schools, protocols & mandates must be established in elementary thru high school assuring an equal-handed, non-biased course of instruction, allowing students to hear both sides and begin the process of establishing their own political views. Colleges/universities receiving federal funding must conform for eligibility. Administrators must take positive steps to insure compliance or risk their funding. Hiring based on political preference isn’t feasible, but safeguards and monitoring can be implemented to insure things are no longer one-sided.

A byproduct of this is to encourage a free-flow of ideas on campuses, discouraging any attempt by groups to block or censure such free-flow. So-called safe zones or restricted areas aren’t allowed if their purpose is to isolate fragile students from a peaceful exchange of ideas on which they disagree: they must learn to agree to disagree.

I firmly believe our long-running border policy, immigration stance, tolerance of illegals, multiculturalism and enforced diversity have all been counter-productive to the healthy balance of our society. I also believe news media and the entertainment industry have been doing a massive disservice, making us wary when watching/listening to their programs, products & opinions.

Trust is the fundamental glue of any society. It should emanate from every source of public communication, especially government. It is extremely important in the dissemination of news and the packaging of entertainment. It’s absolutely vital in our schools, allowing kids to believe what they’re being taught is well intended and as true as it can be.

That’s not happening. The destructive trends I’ve described are not being addressed or deterred by government, not decried by journalists, social scientists or scholars. It’s like a massive conspiracy is at work in front of our nose, supposedly leading to something better. But many of us think America is already a paradigm among nations. Not perfect, but amazingly good. Do we risk that? Is living here so intolerable, so unfair and lop-sided as to warrant taking such risk?

Could the country be changing as I fear into a lesser place? Was this its last hurrah? If we abide an unfettered flow of non-assimilating immigrants, deliberate indoctrination/brainwashing of our kids and constant bias in news media and entertainment we’ll destroy one of the best places man ever built. Fix these and make this brilliant victory our first last hurrah with many more to come. Don’t let this place, this America, go down quietly. Not without a fight!


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