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Liberal Axis On The Move

weiner_cThis is great. Race relations take a dump after Zimmerman verdict. GOP to compromise on immigration or face dire consequences; consider president’s offer of corp tax adjustments in exchange for lower rates on middle class. Midnight negotiating and backroom deals raging in anticipation of breakdown in talks on debt ceiling.

Getting the picture? Forces of evil, which would be progressive, liberal forces, are consolidating/mustering to gain advantage, putting conservatives on defense. Our own senior leaders, like McCain, Rubio, Ryan, Graham and Boehner are all one way or another begging us to back down, break the logjam, let the liberals win the day (tactics) so we can win the war (strategy).

Add to this stonewalling Benghazi, calling it & the rest a bunch of phony scandals; Justice Dept looking into possible civil rights or hate crime violations by Zimmerman; scumbag sexual predator Weiner running for Mayor; Hillary remaining front-runner among democrats for 2016; Obamacare spiraling downward, saved for the moment by Obama’s unlawful/unconstitutional cherry-picking. It’s getting uglier and uglier.

weiner-hillaryWhy do we listen to Weiner’s self-aggrandizing wife who was/is Hilly’s special gal with Islamic-jihadist connections, tell us that Anthony’s a good husband/father and will make a good mayor? This is so Clintonesque it’s creepy. Why in hell is O’Reilly concerned about hurting Huma’s feelings, who’s telling us it’s all between her and Anthony and none of our business! Where have we heard this before, and why are we downing it all with what seems a Kool Aid chaser? Don’t we remember the years of Clinton-driven controversies, wasting the people’s time and tens of millions of their tax dollars? Isn’t this deja vu all over again?

al-sharptonWhy is Justice wasting time reviewing Zimmerman? Isn’t this catering to racist black hate mongers and white huckster apologists? There is no story here, except the one being fabricated. No scandal or controversy except the deluded imaginings of Sharpton & Jackson, or in the miasma-spewing minds of Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Piers Morgan, Kirsten Powers et al.

What kind of society lets a government ride-tyrant over political opponents? In what universe, Jay Carney, is this scandal phony? Why was the president very concerned back in May, but now seems distracted, uninterested? Is it possible he shot himself in the foot, not realizing how these IRS chickens would come back to roost on his own back porch?

President ObamaSpeaking of Obama, interesting how he opined from the onset how Trayvon could have been his own son, then went further saying how he too had found himself being suspiciously regarded by whites on store elevators. What prompts these outbursts, these impromptu blurtings, if not his own seething need to stoke the fires of racism? His remarks are negative, not positive. They provoke and perpetuate, rather than difuse and calm, but he is president of everybody, not just blacks. His brain should give better counsel to his mouth, lest his words burn his coat .  .

Anybody who thinks blacks should be more afraid of whites than blacks is a mental case; an accident waiting to happen; a problem and not a solution. Systemic racism for all intents and purposes is dead in this country, but blacks are bound & deter- mined to resurrect it, advised to do so by other blacks. It’s utterly amazing to see highly likeable, successful, intelligent blacks tell Black America it’s not their fault that they’re poor, uneducated and victims. They suffer these things because of White America!

It’s said bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. Things being passed as acceptable and real are nothing but aberrations and twistings of truth. They bear no resemblance to reality, offer no hope of improving the black predicament. We who recognize these falsehoods for what they are won’t listen to those bringing them forth. We discredit all who believe them, or subscribe/act upon them. Both message & messenger are false.

Hitler and his party acted diligently and aggressively in the years preceding the war. They stuck to the rules, and did most of their dirty work within the law. German society was beguiled by the possibilities Hitler presented and promised. They bought his lies and suffered the consequences. Don’t let this American axis do the same. Don’t let liberalism, racism, sexism, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, anti-capitalism and socialism bring us down!

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