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Liberalism Anti-American?

Let’s begin by saying the average liberal isn’t anti-American; just the opposite. They see wrongs in our society and want to fix them, trusting party leaders to do the right thing.

Trouble is, party leaders are leftist liberals who work to achieve unrealistic goals. By leftist I mean-socialist oriented, trying to create a hybridized American socialism. Simply stated, they believe actual socialisms of the past and present haven’t worked due to the political environments in which they rose. But a new, American-style socialism will and be better than our constitutional democratic system, providing more social justice.

The average liberal like the average conservative is a patriotic American who loves this country and understands the liberties and freedoms we enjoy. They know these freedoms stem from founding principles set out in the Declaration and Constitution, and they know that, as an experiment in democracy, America has been fabulously successful and unique among nations.

Even so, liberals continue to put their faith and trust in these party leaders, some of whom on close inspection are actually radical leftist liberals who hate our constitution, hate capitalism and fervently believe they can craft a new socialist system far better than what we have.

Think I’m crazy? Look at this recent quote from the senate minority leader as he gears up to fight the president’s Supreme Court nominee . . .  we’re sick & tired of the constitution sitting in the national archives manipulating everything we do!

He’s also one who called for the president’s impeachment literally within minutes of him being elected. Another ranking dem calls upon her constituents to confront and harass the president’s supporters every chance they get. Examples are many: sanctuary zones defying federal authority; failure to enforce immigration or border security; federal grants and subsidies to colleges/universities 70-80% liberal, thus using tax dollars to promote a political agenda.

These things and more are happening daily, serving to impede government, destabilize law enforcement, clog the courts, inject disharmony/uncivility into civil discourse, and indoctrinate youth and the people into a socialist mindset of big, centralized government, universal entitlements, mandated equal outcomes and social justice for all. This is the Marxist mantra that we’ve seen fail so miserably so many times, the vile politic that cost or ruined hundreds of millions of lives during the 20th century and continues to this day in many places around the world.

There are liberal republicans (RINO’s) but for the most part, liberals are democrats and OK. Liberal democrats are fine too, if they’re patriotic Americans who love their country and want to fix it – not change it! Leftist liberal democrats admittedly make me nervous but hey, it’s still a free country, right? Let ‘em rant.

My problem is the idea mainstream liberal democrats are being taken for a ride. Their party is run by leftist kooks who think America is a Great Satan. Party, academia, media, entertainment, even government itself, all steeped in a cauldron of 60’s radicalism; bald heads, gray beards & lefty-Louises relentlessly trying to change society. This demographic is huge and growing, posing a potential threat to our way of life.

If you’re a liberal of any stripe, don’t be duped! Don’t be an unwitting participant in an evil scheme to take down America. We have problems, sure, but also the best most brilliant system of government ever devised by man. Work with it and in it not against it! Don’t become one in a multitude of patsies who unintentionally helped to throw it away!

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