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Nine Roads To Ruin

There’s a mindset in this country, a deeply entrenched belief held by roughly half of us that America isn’t good enough. In simplest terms its liberal versus conservative, or more tellingly haves versus have-nots. In reality its holding/improving status quo versus dismantling the basic structure of our republic and society, changing it into something new.

I’ve previously stressed immigration, education, news media and entertainment as primary culprits working toward this end, but there’s more. Under groupings institutional and ideological there are 9 threatening pathways. The 1st holds government, academia, media, entertainment, demographics, immigration; the 2nd has religion, conservative myopia and anti-nationalism. Before detailing these, here are some points to bring home the aggregate reality of the threat I perceive.

We know the left is unhappy and in denial about Trump. They can’t believe an electoral majority are still center-right, despite all their efforts. Still, they found hope in the popular vote, winning it by several millions. Make no mistake, they’re gearing up for a fight, believing he’s an easy target. Below is a paraphrasing from an article by a liberal writer –

THE AMERICAN PROSPECT, Winter 2017, Kuttner, R., The Audacity of Hope, Pg5

it’s hard to contemplate this administration without alarm bordering on despair, risk of war, fate of constitutional democracy . . devastating to a century of social progress. His populism is total fraud . . his every pick from a pool of far-right conservatives, crackpots and billionaire kleptocrats; a petulant 5th grader with nukes; one must nourish hope, use passionate, strategic engagement not just to resist but to win; discredit him, get him out of office while we’re still a democracy

This kind of seething hatred occupies all the roads I cite. Examples if not hypocrisies: don’t risk war but eviscerate military; don’t lose our democratic republic but keep border open letting immigrants pour in, putting sovereignty in jeopardy; worry about constitutionalism but attack its archaic provisions; talk diplomacy calling Trump demagogue but Obama idealist and Hillary a “blemished nominee“. The left wants policies/programs without responsibilities, thinks balancing budgets a nuisance and indebting future generations of no consequence; thinks gov’t should keep pace with all contingencies paid for by irresponsible borrowing and taxing the rich: not real rich but upper middle class/upper class well-offs, about 5% and numbering 15 million. Time for road trip.


Immigration Road – Much of immigration is uncontrolled with a large  proportion either illegal or culturally intractable. These won’t assimilate into society or adopt our values. Most getting citizenship are already left. Their influence in their community pushes others to stand left and their parenting and filial relationships do the same. Native born peoples of color are also biased left with birth rates higher than whites, creating more left-leaning people. Chain immigration, anchor babies & amnesty add to the problem. Ethnicity, culture and language all serve to dilute American culture, concocting a multicultural leftist ideal.

Millennial Road – westernized countries have shrinking populations and growing levels of youth. Weighted-average age is dropping. Projections of 50 states show almost all with majorities under 45 yrs of age in the next decade. This demographic creates an intrinsic leftist bias regardless of factors like level of education or economic status.




Spiritual Road – since its founding America has been a predominantly Judeo-Christian society, but trends in the 20th century brought growing numbers of other beliefs/denominations along with declining numbers of devout Judeo-Christians and a decrease in all religious faiths in favor of agnosticism, secularism, deism or atheism. As attendance at religious services decline so do spirituality and respect for a creator of all things, leading to deteriorating standards of behavior and morality. This leads to loss of respect for a nation even though God-based. God-fearers whether monotheistic or pagan remain in awe of things bigger than themselves making them more cohesive than a non-deity-centric society in which godlessness hastens decay and loss of homogeneity.

Schoolhouse Road – comprised heavily of liberals and quasi-socialists who teach the goals/benefits of egalitarian society, stressing fairness manifests both in equal opportunities and outcomes. Ignore/downplay talent, skill, ambition and competitive spirit, though each comes to bear on an individual’s outcome. Luck and birthright also sway, underscoring that age-old refrain life isn’t fair! Droves of young adults enter society year-in/year-out with this prevailing majority view: liberalism is more sympathetic and humane than conservatism.


Talking Heads/Media Road – in place for years, becoming monopoly in the 70’s/80’s. Networks with anchors Rather, Brokaw and Jennings re-ported clone-like for over 25 years, then CNN, MSN and MSNBC came along spouting the same party line. Print news is no better, giving same slants across all major markets. Rife in today’s culture, cross-pollination occurs between print, TV News, journalism and the DC establishment, all indulging/practicing nepotism, cronyism and corruption. Witness Rather, Brian Williams and Stephanopoulos, all corrupt & disgraced yet thriving! A majority of us get news from these hacks becoming propagandized if not victimized daily with their ideological point of view.

Hollywood’s Road – a fact of life for 100 yrs, with 90%+ of A-List actors, directors, writers and producers being liberals. You couldn’t work if you were republican, notable exceptions being Wayne, Eastwood, Heston. Worse still, it wasn’t/isn’t uncommon to have subliminal messaging in-terspersed in dialogue, sub-text or a film’s main story. How comfortable can we be thinking behind every film or documentary lurks an ulterior motive tricking us to ingest politicized information? The subtle bully-pulpit of celebrity continues to be used regularly by cultural icons to sway fans with their political views.

Leviathan Road – federal government has grown so big it defies all imaginings. From the founders’ original plan calling for four cabinet level departments we now have sixteen! The self-governing benefit of federalism has eroded to the point states cannot protect their own borders, police their restrooms or legislate as they see fit regarding social issues. Gov’t is the biggest employer in the land. Millions of workers struggle over conflict of interest knowing voting republican could impact their job/career. Same is true for employees of government contractors, state-county-city governments, schools, public utilities and under Obamacare, healthcare. The State is become leviathan with all its trappings, enjoying inertia against change & momentum for self-aggrandizement.


RINO Road – the Republican In Name Only phenomenon has been a fact of life for conservatives bemoaning the lack of integrity and purpose in their ranks. Senior party members, preserving their status quo, tenure and incumbency, lose focus of core principles, soften their stance and welcome every opportunity to negotiate, compromise and, regrettably, capitulate to liberal demands. More damaging still, RINO’s effectively drown-out younger members trying to balance things out, doing dreadful harm to their efforts and betraying the faith and trust of conservative rank and file.


NWO Road –  the New World Order is a concept bandied about since the turn of the last century and Woodrow Wilson’s proposal for a League of Nations later to become United Nations. Similar ideas are globalism and  anti-nationalism. Nationalism is pride and patriotism for one’s country, respecting its sovereignty, laws & culture. Globalism abandons borders and individual sovereignties in favor of an easy, free-flowing exchange of peoples & commerce, governance provided by a sort of oligarchy of nations with disputes arbitrated/settled by this centralized authority. While these concepts may look good they aren’t widely held. Moreover they are self-defeating and destructive to the security, integrity and interests of our country. Anti-nationalism is even worse in that it rejects the values and benefits of our society as being self-aggrandizing, insensitive, even unfriendly to other nations. It insists we share our wealth and fate, to our detriment, at the will of an international majority.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

These 9 roads laid long ago have slowly filled with travelers bound and determined to reach their goal of redistributing the world’s wealth to all peoples however situated. The freedom, liberty and worth of the individual is of no relevance, in the face of their egalitarianism.

A passing glance at the world belies the notion all systems of government are equal. A closer look reveals the relative superiority- inferiority of cultures and societies. Deeper analysis finds the frailties and pride of man wholly unsuited to implement such a grandiose enterprise. Serious advocates or national characters may prance about the world’s stage demanding an earthly utopia, be they scholars or quacks, but let’s be grateful for the near-utopia we have, in America, and stay ever wary how the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

Each of these roads lead to disappointment and ruin. Regardless of intent, feasibility or possibility. Despite best of plans and highest of  hopes. There can be no utopia on mortal plain. Beware these roads, these paths to destruction, be they nine or ninety-nine!

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