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Now What?

Republican Donald Trump is set to be elected the 45th president of the United StatesThe acid test begins. Will Trump keep his promises? Surround himself with proven, experienced people who know their way around? Show he really knows how to deal and compromise? Most importantly, will he push conservative values, revitalize the economy, restore pride of country, renew confidence that we’re on the right track?

Virtually everywhere he looks he’ll find waste, inefficiency, overlap and shirked accountability. He’ll find many things in dire need of repair: immigration policy, border protection, sanctuary cities, urban decay, education reform, strengthening military, hardening cyberspace, fixing in-frastructure, redirecting energy policy, repealing Obamacare, filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court and much, much more.

He must clarify our position on international trade, military involvements, climate change and NATO; find ways to reduce debt, balance the budget, trim the size of government, explore legislative solutions for constitutional abuse and encourage studies to find ways for reducing crony capitalism, partisan favoritism, lobbying and corruption.

Perhaps most importantly he must restore our faith in government. As a conservative I am devoid of confidence and exiled from trust as to the pronouncements and edicts from Washington. I feel they have lied to us so many times they have lost any imprimatur of integrity or respect. Time to earn it back! Without trust in government there is none!

As leader of the party he should help determine if republicans are to be middle-of-the-road moderates, Reaganites, Tea Partiers or constitutional conservatives. Will so-called RINOS dominate or be marginalized by hard liners? Can Republicans one again stand for republicanism, federalism and constitutionalism?

Ronald-ReaganConservatives should be concerned about all this and more. We should seize this opportunity to rebrand ourselves, to exhibit characteristics and traits associated with these ideas, to make every effort to explain why these have been crucial for America’s success. And we should remind ourselves and our critics how President Reagan cautioned tyranny is just one generation away. Freedom must be cherished and guarded as the rare commodity that it is.

Let’s be thrilled we’ve been given this unforeseen opportunity to turn things around, to slow liberalism’s persistent march, to re-educate our people are to what constitutes a good government and good citizenry. If we misstep we may not get another chance. Trump isn’t anyone’s idea of a true conservative or ideal leader, but he’s the champion we’ve got and we have to make him work, for us and for America.


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