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Outrageous ideas – Voting: Right or Privilege?

young-illegals-obamaEveryone takes voting for granted as an unquestioned right.

If you can fog a mirror, vote; make your “X”, vote; unavailable on voting day, absentee vote etc.

What’s wrong with the idea we all have the right to vote subject to certain basic requirements? In this ideal voting world voters would be minimum age, have a proven minimum intelligence, maintain their status as law-abiding productive citizens, be out of the country or homebound/in hospital to vote absentee and be registered on the voting rolls at least 3mo prior to voting.

So we have minimum age, minimum IQ, upstanding citizen, proper registration and absentee requirements. Not too unreasonable, so far. It’s understood you must be you a citizen to vote. Is this enough, or should we review what kind of citizen we want?

illegal-aliens-taxesTo start, stipulate citizens must be able to communicate fluently in English, including speaking, reading and writing. The blind can give oral proof. Next, require new citizens to wait 3-5-7yrs whatever to insure they have acclimated to our system, learned about government/politics, and are able to make sound, informed judgements when they vote.

Regarding individuals who acquire citizenship through some kind of amnesty program, let’s stipulate further they must wait an additional period over and above the one set for legal immigrants who processed through the system normally, idea being someone who already abused our laws is likely to abuse them again, given the chance. We must not allow an influx of newly-made citizens to taint or in any way skew the voting dynamics we normally expect, especially those who came here illegally.

I think this should be no less than ten(10)yrs. If the regular new citizen must wait 2yrs to vote, amnesty-types should wait 12yrs. Furthermore, they must be gainfully employed when they reach eligibility. Each year they collect welfare/unemployment during the 12yrs adds a year to their waiting period. If they worked on and off, employed 7yrs/unemployed 5yrs, they must wait five more years before voting: 2 + 10 + 5 = 17yrs.

illegalaliensFurthermore, so-called chain-immigrants behind them, family members who are eligible to come based on the new amnesty status of their resident relative, must also wait according to the preceding terms/conditions. A new immigrant applying for citizenship normally, making no reference to their resident relative or relying on that relationship in any way, gets treated as a regular new citizen and waits 2yrs to vote.

Same individual, but decides to use resident relative to chain  their way through a quicker process, gets treated the same as the relative for voting purposes, and has to wait 12yrs. These ideas sound harsh, but I’m talking about protecting our sovereignty, not allowing an incursion of foreigners, regardless of origin, to unexpectedly/unfairly change our electorate or shift our polity.

The discussion above covers new citizens, but I think existing citizens need review as well, meaning the vast majority of voters who are natural born citizens. I think these individuals also have a responsibility to be productive participants in our society. In the broadest sense, this means being gainfully employed, providing for family, paying any court-ordered obligations, and staying on the good side of the law.

article-1174210-04B0E631000005DC-0_468x448It does not mean being chronically unemployed, on food stamps, collecting welfare benefits year-over-year, failing to pay child-support/spousal support or being convicted of a crime resulting in more than 6mo incarceration.

I believe a person who constantly collects benefits & assistance from government has a vested interest in voting to continue that government, which is a conflict of interest between benefiting themselves and benefiting society as a whole. Ideally, we should care about the whole of society first, than our self. Without this altruistic element in our thinking we lose sight of what’s best for the majority, which creates the repetitive self-aggrandizement and voting-bloc mentality.

1370898750_99990930_nadya-suleman-467A person on unemployment more than 6mo shouldn’t vote, nor should any person who is on food stamps/welfare more than 1yr.

teen-mom-mtv2This includes single moms relying on the state for subsistence, and deadbeat dads who shirk their parental responsibilities by not paying support or alimony.

Individuals languishing in this circumstance should be removed from the rolls and remain ineligible to vote a minimum of 1yr,the year being measured from the date of their final government check. Those unable to regain their independence, for whatever reason, should remain ineligible.

Incarcerated individuals cannot vote. Once released, they should wait a full year before regaining their voting privilege. Felons do not vote for at least 10yrs or longer, or never, at the will of the people of each state. Felonies are serious crimes, damaging to society. Individuals indulging these propensities obviously care only for themselves, are indifferent to the needs of society, and therefore should not have sway or influence over society,

Some may think I state the obvious, others the outrageous. My bottom line is simply to do what works best to serve the needs of society, to preserve its integrity and greater purpose for the long-haul. Ours’ is the best. We’d be well-advised to do everything we can to protect it against manipulation and upheaval, whether from outside or in. Vigilance & accountability are key.

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