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Post Election Protocol

Trump is headed for victory on Tuesday and by all indications he’ll win by a landslide. This begs the question “what will be his first priorities” post election? We all know he needs to drain the swamp, but where to begin?

Hopefully, he’s done his homework, gathered mountains of evidence and already begun the process of cleaning house with redundancies, firings and new appointments to the many supervisory/managerial positions that need filling. He’ll have taken steps to get the legal process going to indict those who during the past four years clearly overstepped their authority, violated oaths of office and broke the law.

This effort also applies to the congress, senate and Washington establishment overall which we know is dirty. Elected and non-elected officials worked together to fabricate a giant hoax, fooling legal authorities and the American people. It cannot stand! Lobbyists, aides, spin doctors all worked together to bring it on. They were helped by mainstream media, cable commentators, major print news outfits and independent journalists/reporters of every stripe who had one thing common: they hated Trump!

The depth of the conspiracy appears mind-boggling, encompassing private corporations, Big Tech, sports, entertainment and a subliminal collusion/sympathy contaminating parts of the scientific community and entire educational establishment. This could happen because, for some time now, a prevailing gospel or sentiment has been: liberal good; conservative bad.

We can see how sports has been politicized. It’s a joke how actors can’t get work in Hollywood if they’re conservative. Wealthy A-listers along with producers, directors and studio heads all give heavily to liberal causes and candidates. Big cor -porations do the same and Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, U-Tube etc. not only give money, they actively screen for content and literally block shows, pod-casts and tweets that are conservative.

So whether we realize it or not, we’re in the swamp and have been for many, many years. A slow, methodical process of indoctrination has been at work, causing a high percentage of us to not only lean left but actually consider other systems like a hybridized capitalized-socialism or socialized-communism com-bo might be better!

We have government employees and elected representatives who believe and act on this; whole government agencies skewing their mission/statistics to its benefit; companies marketing to it, a fawning media that’s become unreliable, entertainers, sports figures and celebrities touting it, ethnicities supporting it, social-communication platforms screening/censoring for it, even a prominent national politician who says openly, proudly, he’s a socialist!

Its time to turn this around. America became one of the best and greatest countries on earth by being a democratic-republic based on free enterprise and hard work, not government handouts and free stuff. Most people understand if you get it free and don’t have to work for it, you don’t value it as much nor do you worry about your welfare or future since government does that for you.

We need a return to traditional values, ethics, standards, integrity and respect for the American way of life. A first step will be to punish those who broke the law and abandoned the constitution. Next could be to either break up the giant Big Tech companies or legislate them into public utilities so everyone has access and is treated equally.

Most importantly, we need a comprehensive review and rehabilitation of education at all levels, across all disciplines. The fundamental strengths and success of our republic alongside the weaknesses and failures of every leftist system must be taught and stressed so young people are made to realize how lucky they are to be in America.

We also need a general re-education of those who have already absorbed/been seduced by the lies, so they can moderate their attitude and drift slowly back to center-left. This could happen surreptitiously, showing them the amount of wrong-doing that took place, the facts and truths, peer pressure, newfound awakenings of their sons and daughters and {maybe} a time-out for a national realization of how close we came to losing our way; time to take an oath attesting anew to how we swear to uphold protect and defend the constitution.

A final point about transitioning after re-election from swamp to political re-awakening/enlightenment is to give pause to the possibility of an immediate uprising or generalized civil unrest.

Its clear certain elements and individuals, in government and out, may be in a state of permanent sedition. In this case, there will be immediate need for law enforcement, policing authority and dominating power/facility for keeping the peace.

Trump knows given these circumstances he can federalize state militias and national guards to assist local authorities maintain order. He also knows under the Insurrection Act of 1807 he can call in the military under federal authority to put down any riot, revolt, rebellion or insurrection. The message must be chaos/ anarchy will not be tolerated under any excuse: not for Antifa, not for the socialists/communists of America, not for globalists, not even for corona virus. Let’s hope Trump keeps the peace, whatever the political cost!

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