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Reverse Racism?

22819448_BG3I argue again and again 99% of the racism in this country is harbored by blacks. They wait for opportunities, and pounce. When something happens involving at least one black person, one non-black person preferably white, out comes the race card.

The charge is usually made before the facts are in, before anyone has any idea what really happened, and before the justice system has had a chance to work. Then, if the verdict isn’t pro-black, racism gets hurled at the system and at society itself.

al-sharptonWill blacks ever stop and question their own intentions? Will they examine their motives, their thinking? Do they think blacks are always entitled to the benefit of the doubt? Do they think every white person premeditates against them? If not, why jump to conclusions? Why listen to the Sharptons and other firebrands who are always stirring things up?

carter-strangeThere was an incident in Florida recently where three black teens ganged up on a 13yr old white male, beating him brutally. This happened on a school bus and, making matters worse, the driver who was black, watched and did nothing. I guess the boy could have died while he just stood by.

Does this seem right? Why hasn’t it been picked up by media, sensationalized like with Trayvon Martin? I guess nobody died, so it’s not a big deal. Or is it because the media refuses to antagonize blacks, even with the truth? Is media impotent in the face of facts/reality, when these paint a clear picture of black racism? What effect do blacks suppose this has on whites? Do they care? Are any efforts being made to watch for these situations, to make sure they get properly reported as black-on-white racial hatred?

If we looked at every incident taking place across the country on any given day, how many would be classified as black-on-black, black-on-white, white-on-white, or white-on-black? I don’t have these statistics, but I bet $100 they fall in this same order: black-on-black highest, white-on-black lowest. Anyone can prove I’m wrong, contact me at: & collect your $100. Sorry, but only one winner please.

The idea blacks should generally be fearful of whites is preposterous; whites fearful of blacks, not so preposterous. When a white finds him/herself alone in the presence of an approaching young black male, specially one dressed in typical gangster garb or appearing suspicious, they are well-advised to be wary, even fearful. This isn’t racist, contrary to Pres. Obama’s smarmy elevator story. It’s the reality we live in, and need to respect.

More than one black male, more potential danger. If the lone individual is black, male/female, well-dressed or apparently well-to-do, same situation, same advice.

Geraldo RiveraGeraldo Rivera speculated how the recent Florida incident may be injustice motivated, coming so soon after the Zimmerman verdict. He thought out loud how it was understandable many blacks were outraged and in an aggressive state of mind; a pay- back mentality, if you will.

Before continuing, we should note the attack was in some way drug-related. Apparently these black teens had approached the white boy at school either offering him drugs or asking him to peddle drugs on their behalf to his white friends. He refused and ratted-them-out to school officials. I’m not absolutely certain of this, but believe it’s fairly accurate.

If we remain open-minded, it’s reasonable the attack was in retaliation of the snitching, and nothing to do with race. But drugs are an intimate part of young blacks lives, and it’s hard to ignore this aspect when assessing their motivation and willingness to exact their revenge in this open, defiant way. I guess I’m asking, if the white boy had been black would they have done the same? Possibly, but not necessarily .  .

Geraldo tries to suggest it was understandable, this attack on a white. It wasn’t random black-on-white. It was targeted resulting from an obvious miscarriage of justice, giving rise to expected, payback behaviors.

The ultimate fault in his mind isn’t out-of-control black youths picking their targets & wilding their wrath. Rather, it’s a justice system that favors whites over blacks, resulting in a righteous rage. Mind you, he can’t prove any of this. He can’t accuse the jury of botching their duty, or the court of conducting a travesty. Nor can he get into the heads of the black assailants to know their true motivation, or why the driver failed to intervene.

Facts and statistics overwhelmingly support the notion this was a spontaneous attack by blacks on a white. They were predisposed to exploit this opportunity, and if subliminal echoes of Trayvon spurred them on, so what? They would probably have done it anyway, based on their well-established hooliganism.

What’s Geraldo’s point, if not the lame pathetic excuse he always makes to justify these actions: they’re motivated by what he perceives as the plight of all people of color. Crusader Geraldo to the rescue, fighting the good fight against evil whites who usual- ly deserve what they get! This boy’s unwillingness to do drugs, wanting to stay clean, made him a worthy target.

Big-Brother-Obama-Watching-YouPresident Obama chimes in with obvious racism, which he’s done many times before. Comments how Trayvon could have been his son, or he himself could have been Trayvon. How he will ask his Attorney General to re-investigate the matter for possible civil rights violations; expresses pique at the treatment of his black professor from Harvard, wrongly arrested for breaking and entering. Or his nakedly racial ads targeting black audiences prior to re-election, asking for black solidarity.

Why couldn’t he see this was inappropriate at best, probably damagingly protagonistic in result? Is there no sense of propriety anymore for the way things look or could be perceived? Does he want whites to think he’s heavily biased/prejudiced in favor of blacks?

Chris-MatthewsGuys like Geraldo obviously do, thinking they are always on the noble side of a debate when defending the minority. Geraldo, Chris Matthews, Juan Williams, Tavis Smiley, Oprah Winfrey all the same, leaping to the black person’s defense regardless of circumstance. This blind loyalty demeans their credibility, diminishes their ability to think objectively, rationally. As a white person who tries to understand facts and ultimately see the truth in things, I give very little pause, respect to their opinions.

To summarize, I believe this country is rife with racism, but it is a reverse racism of blacks against whites. Blacks are being told to perceive whites as bigots, to hold suspect their every word and deed, and to militate against all institutional, traditional systems as being pro-white and anti-black. These include government, the educational system, the political system and the free enterprise system. All favor whites, discriminate against blacks.

The president reflects this attitude. So do the mainstream media, print media, talking head media, advocacy groups, Justice Dept, educational institutions and entrenched academia, celebrity entertainment figures and predominance of black leaders, spiritual mentors throughout the country.

Blacks are goaded at every opportunity to decry their status as 2nd class citizens, as victims of a white racist society. The only way to fight their mindset is to prove it wrong! Forget political correctness! Demand tangible proof of wrongdoing, or justice gone berserk. Make people accountable for what they say!

It’s time for a rhetoric of common sense, a reckoning of the way things are. No more empty allegations, unsupported accusations or outrageous lies! Speak to truth, and justice will prevail!

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