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Rino’s V. Conservative Manifesto

No More Rinos - Take Back The GopI recently read a piece by a conservative commentator extolling the virtues of so-called RINO’s and moderates in the republican party, suggesting their middle-of-the-road approach will work much better than the harsh stance presented by hardline teapartiers.

Their voice is too strident, posture too intractable, to offer much help with negotiation and compromise. Except > if she would stop and think for a minute it’s been her RINO’s, like Senators Graham and McCain, people like Rep Kantor & Spkr Boehner, who brought us to this impasse in the first place.

So many times in recent years conservatives wanted their elected officials to stand ground and not make deals, not compromise away fundamental conservative principles of sound governance. H-E-L-L-O? Can’t she see we were taken to the cleaners?


Ms RINO Quasi-Con doesn’t get it. She can’t see the desperate straights we’re in, doesn’t understand it isn’t about compromise anymore; it’s about survival. The republican party, 2-party system, democratic republic, nation itself, are all on the table up for grabs. It’s the time of tumult. A great sea change has swept upon us, working to erode our foundations of liberty, under-pinnings of freedom, that have been serving us so well and making us so great, these past two hundred years.

How ignorant can she be, not to see the danger? She thinks it’s business as usual, the cycles of democracy, but really it’s the devious, intentional machinations of a misguided tyranny masked as liberalism, progressivism and humanism.

Liberalism’s Operating Manual is Statism, and however well-intentioned, it-is-not-benign! These ideologies are a menace to the sound, effective management of society. They’re anathema to the wisdom of ages, as put forth by thinkers like Plato, Locke, Hume, Burke, Smith, Jefferson, Paine, Madison, Lincoln, Von Mises, Hayek and Friedman.


John LockeThomas JeffersomThomas PaineJames Madsion


There’s no such thing as a benign process of progressive change; a friendly, respectful movement of modernization/democratization. Promoters behind these efforts want one thing & one thing only: to make government arbiter of all things, including redistributing wealth to where there’s no merit, and providing goods & services to a perceived needy that’s disproportionate with reality.

Like all cancerous agents these idealists take our money, the blood of our economy and sustenance of society, deplete it, dilute it, waste it, until a societal plague breaks out metastasizing through our body politic from the top down, eating away until  the best creative energy is sapped, best industrious spirit gone.

A bleeding heart has a fool for a host. Emotions/sympathies are not a basis for good management, not qualities that yield to logic and reason. He only sees the worst aspects of the human predicament & would make it better. Never mind obvious success, or broad brush brilliance of a man-made project like America. No! Look at the poor, the incarcerated, ethnic minorities & mentally/ physically challenged. They are not well served and deserve better, even at the expense/possible risk of the entire project.

What nonsense & moronics argue for the dismantling of a safe refuge in a dangerous neighborhood? If it can’t protect/nurture all, tear the bastard down! Never mind adding to it, making it better, stronger. Time those folks step out into the street, get a whiff of that noxious air. No more haves/have-nots; everybody equal: same food, same doctors, live in same circumstance, suffer same indignities/deprivations. Hey 3rd World, move over! Here come another three hundred millions of us, our house tumbling down, looking for help! New World Order to the rescue!

If ever there was a working model of the baby out with the bathwater, this is it. Their idea? That bathwater {American Dream} isn’t fair! It’s hurting that baby {mankind}. It has to go. Whoops, sorry baby .  . goodbye baby.


Big Brother Poster
I for one won’t roll over, won’t give in to ideas for Big Brother and his egalitarian society. I urge fellow conservatives do likewise. Review the following tenets, reinforce in your mind what it really means to be conservative > at least in my view:







Gov’t should be modest, in small proportion to the governed.Declaration

Rights not granted to federal authority reserved to the states.

The language of America is English.

Borders define territory, protect sovereignty > respect & defend .

Right to bear arms, in defense of life, family and property.

Right to free speech/express opinions: oral, written & electronic.

Right to property ownership w/no unlawful invasion or seizure.

Federal budget must be balanced, regularly & timely.

Public/National Debt not to exceed fixed multiple of GDP.

Tax levied in fair proportion, according to means.

Tax monies spent for common good, include – not limited to –

maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels, modes of public transport; creation of monetary system; control commerce between states; create depts for police, fire protection, standing army against foreign invasion; safety dept to monitor/safeguard air, water & food; health dept to maintain standards/professionalism individually & institutionally; education dept to fund K>12 plus (2)yrs college, distributed to states per capita w/requirement all teachings be nonpartisan or partisan in equal parts; justice dept insuring equal, civil & human rights; dept to run facilities for care/maintenance of the mentally/physically impaired; dept to run facilities/offer services for care/maintenance of elderly who lack means for self-preservation.

Tax monies shall not be spent for consequences of human behavior, such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion, fatherless children/ 1+ w/same mom; rehab services of addictive behaviors for more than 90d within 2yrs > otherwise incarcerate; education beyond   2yrs college; Yr3/4+GradSch > loans/grants/scholarships only.

Welfare, food stamps, unemployment temporary only, offered to able-bodied mentally fit on short-term basis, w/monitoring, menial or make-work requirement and gov’t store for food.

Power/influence of public sector unions to be reduced/re-defined.

Right to Work fundamental law of the land.

Minimum wage at state level only, not federal.

Marriage defined as male-female; other forms/versions to be Social Contracts, Bonds, Marital Agreements, Commitments etc.

Gov’t aid means-tested, reviewed often, owed/repaid when able.

No Gov’t benefits/subsidies to illegals.

Gov’t control/accountability for dependable retirement system.

Gov’t control/accountability for dependable healthcare subsidy.

Gov’t/private partnership for control & distribution of electricity, natural gas, coal, other fossil fuels, gasoline.

Gov’t/private partnership for control/distribution of airwave  frequencies providing communications, radio, tv and internet.

Gov’t care/maintenance of national parks.

Gov’t care/maintenance of historic sites.


*    *    *    *    *


I may be mixing metaphors here, but it gives an idea of where the conservative mindset should be. The list could be longer, and I’ve probably over-looked a few “biggies” as called for in the Bill of Rights, but no matter.

Bill Of Rights

Bill Of Rights

Just make sure we’re on the same page, and that the average liberal out there understands these are our Cider House Rules!
We make no apologies. We believe adhering to these and other similar rules and regulations makes for a strong, vibrant society, one in which everyone has responsibility and carries their load.

10-commandmentsMinimum but necessary control of personal behaviors, equal opportunity with expected unequal outcome, and accountability for our actions. That’s what it all boils down to.  There’s no free rides, no laziness rewards, and no automatic fulfillment of all our dreams. We make these happen, to the best of our abilities, with no jealousy of others, but taking pride in ourselves. It’s about self-respect, ethical behavior, common decency, team-work: being an American. Conservative congressman/senators, pick 20+ tenets from this manifesto, and never abandon them or back down. No compromise! You RINO’s out there, and those who agree with our Ms QuasiCon, take stock: we’re losing this country, and it’s mostly because of you!


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