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Romney Works!


As we approach this upcoming election, I feel there’s a lot of confusion amongst conservatives out there. Why?

Romney and the others may not be the best conservatives around, and yes, I worry most of them won’t do enough if they get in. But isn’t this a bit like the deck chairs argument on Titanic?

In case you didn’t notice, we’re in deep trouble people; with governance, debt, the economy, the electorate, even our American spirit. We’re in desperate need of a strong, credible persona to take back the reigns of leadership, dust off our dignity and self respect, and get this freedom juggernaut back on course, before it veers off into European waters.

I don’t know if our presumptive nominee can do that, or will do that. He might be one who thinks we’re too big to fail: too great, too good, whatever. I know for some, thinking America can falter is like thinking the moon can leave its orbit.

I was one of those, not long ago, but when I learned half of us don’t pay tax, 46 million collect food stamps, the national debt will reach $20Tr if something isn’t done, and congress refuses to pass a budget and is letting us go broke . . . when I learn these things they make me think, maybe the moon can escape its orbit and spin off?

Societal decay and devolution is like orbital degradation. It not only can happen, it does, with many examples of great empires losing their way and fading into the obscurity of mediocrity.

Why it happens, who knows? Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law or,  there’s no such thing as perpetual motion, or  the energy of excellence always seeks a calmer, less-excellent state  < call this Shane’s Law, if it’s available! Here’s one we’ve all heard –  bad things happen if good people stand around and do nothing.

Pick any of these as the culprit, or come up with your own. It’s still the reality an excellent system, mechanism or process must be nurtured and maintained, or it will fail. I think our most excellent and unrivalled American Democratic Republic is failing.

From a conservative viewpoint, mine anyway, our ship of state – American Titanic if you will – has been foundering for about 50yrs, 70yrs if you blame Roosevelt, and 100yrs if you think Wilson was our first misguided captain.

Titanic, recall, was magnificent, and it should have sailed for years if not decades, but her master let her down. American Titanic has sailed for centuries and should last centuries more, but just like HMS Titanic’s master, this president is letting us down.

Romney may not be the best conservative captain around, but he’s got the qualifications and experience to right this ship! He can’t undo the damage, but he can staunch the flow, remedy our course, and steer us away from calamity, back toward what we’re about: limited government; balanced budget; regulatory reasonableness; debt ceilings & constraints; sovereign integrity; tax reform; constitutionality; individual liberty & freedom.

I know this sounds harsh to our liberal friends, who think America can do better and be better, provide more things to more people. They believe our pockets are deep and limitless, enough so to offer unbridled largesse to all who would partake. Wilson, Roosevelt, LBJ and now this man Obama, it’s what they think; government can pay the bill, provide the answer, feed the masses, control our every impulse, fix every problem and right every wrong.

Others thought this – Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro, to name a few. But how did people fare under their ideology or leadership?

Where are the great successes that showcase statism or Marxism? Even watered down socialism, where is its paradigm? Where can we look, with envy and approval?

I agree that if anyone could make it work, make these noble sentiments and proletariat sympathies as described in the Communist Manifesto work, as Marx dreamed and intended, it would be us.

But even we’re not up to the task. It’s been proven time and again, it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t serve our basic nature or instincts, our independent spirit, sense of competitiveness or yearnings to be our own master in control of our life and destiny.

Somewhere there’s a line between governmental intrusion and individual freedom. It’s not clear where it lies, but it’s there. Our government crossed that line long ago. It had good intentions but it acted against its own self interest when it began tipping the scale too heavily toward itself and away from the rights of citizens.

I’ve argued before how conservatives have compromised them- selves not only over the line but well down the plank toward the left-liberal end, the final abyss of socialist nonsense and tyranny that are the end result and product of these progressive efforts. Countless examples attest to this.

So conservatives negotiate from an almost untenable position. The political-continuum plank tilts heavily left and down, and we must struggle desperately to back away and begin a contested upward climb to re-establish anything like the center-right equilibrium we once had.

I think it’s perfectly clear our government went way over that line long ago, moving our great American enterprise into a lesser state of excellence, a state where our vitality is diminished, our energy drained, our might and courage dissipated, and our focus blurred.

I’m no economist, but if you look at the degree of government intrusion in Scandanavian countries, we now surpass that, especially after Obamacare. If those governments control directly/indirectly 30-35% of their economies/GDP’s, our’s now nears 40%-45% or more. The numbers may be off, but my comparison is not.

Liberal friends assure me places like Sweden and Norway are not socialist societies, at least not as that system is defined by academics. Well maybe, but they look like socialist states to me, particularly if you grew up in the 50’s & 60’s and remember America in the time of I Love Lucy, Ozzie & Harriet and Leave it to Beaver.  

Compare that America and before, with Europe & Scandanavia to- day, and you can see how we’re being pushed and pulled toward those models, which are much more state run and controlled than our’s, at least, up until now . .

Eurozone economies are crumbling, one after another, and they’re pulling us with them. We underwrite and co-sign a lot of their debt, and when they slow pay, delay or ultimately default on those obligations, it destabilizes our monetary system, impacts our own economy, and will inevitably devalue the dollar.

Why on earth are liberals and progressives at work here, calling themselves Americans, while pushing us to this end? Is it intellectual arrogance? Stupidity? Denial? Class envy? Guilt? Why won’t they see we would accomplish so much more of their agenda if we could find our original course, recapture a center-right orientation and restore our economic vitality and superiority?

Obama is one of these – make no mistake. He’s bound and determined to lead us down this path. He’ll say and do anything to stay on track and meet his goal. We cannot survive him changing our political structure, nor endure the perilous journey toward Europeanization, without losing our fundamental character and spirit. Our fabulous success as the greatest and best example of a free democratic republic, based on free enterprise, limited government and individual liberty, will end. We will become as all the rest.

So I say again, to all my conservative friends and any who willlisten, and I’ll repeat it ad nauseum to those of orbital certainty –




Romney, any conservative, would work to keep this from happening. If it is Romney, he may not be the best choice from a hardline conservative standpoint, but he’ll be the hand we’ve been dealt.  We should play it for all it’s worth, even go all in if we have to!

Let’s end the lies and false promises, stop the insane spending, reform our welfare state and reduce our dependency class. Let’s look back to our constitution for guidance and clarity. More than any- thing, let us invest our treasure, sacred trust and every last hope that whatever the conservative nominee does, it will be far, far better than what Obama would continue to do –

       Anybody But Obama  >   Let  A–B–O  be the mantra

We’re almost at the end of that plank, balancing on tiptoe at the edge. Let’s make the coming election our first tentative step away from the abyss and back to sensibility; our first hopeful move to right the wrongs, regain our sanity, and help our magnificent American Juggernaut back on its course to greatness. Let’s show the world we’re through with nonsense, which in most cases is their nonsense. We’re back and ready to reassert who we are, and what we’re about.

World, take note: you can follow our example, or stay directionless and at play, like in that children’s card game  >  Go Fish. You can start doing as we do and fix your fiscal house . .  or go fish!


Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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