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Setting The Tone?

In high schools & colleges across the land liberalism bordering on anti-capitalism is presented in classrooms and lecture halls as the only humanitarian answer to problems in society such as racism, sexism, homophobia and what some perceive as our have/have-not distribution of wealth.

When students reject this idea they are ostracized by both teachers and peers as racists, homophobes and so on. As an example, not long ago a male high school student wore a t-shirt to school stating Donald Trump Border Wall Construction Co. He was told it was an unacceptable political message and would not be allowed on campus. Officials went on to say it was causing many students to be unable to focus on studies.

The young man sued the school under freedom of speech and got an injunction against the school allowing him to continue wearing the shirt until a final decision was made. That decision recently came down, in his favor.

The political tone or timbre of this and many schools continues to be liberal, progressive and left. This is evidenced in their policies, events and teaching curriculums. Moreover, in the above example the student’s classroom was decorated with a poster proclaiming – This is a sanctuary zone. Illegals are safe here!

On the one hand you have a single individual making a statement, on the other an institution taking an official position on sanctuary zones, state’s rights and illegal immigration. Its clear the real culprit setting tones is the school not the student!

Imagine how today, all across the country, our youth are being indoctrinated by a constant bombardment of open borders, free abortions, casual sex, gender choice, lies about our founding fathers, our racist-sexist heritage, our unjust society and so on. The tone in schools is the same in media, entertainment, academia, government and yes, even the courts. Justice itself is now outrageously partisan driven rather than fact based.

Tone touts the message we’re a racist society run by a white minority; we’re highly discriminatory against non-whites, women, etc.; we kowtow to an antiquated out-of-touch constitution written by a group of rich, white slave-holders; wealth stays put with little or no movement from haves to have-nots.

 On the last, demographers have done studies showing there is movement between the classes. Middle class has grown to be larger than most western societies as a percent. In fact, out of 330 million almost 300 million (91%) have a better standard of living than the middle classes of most other countries. The remaining 9% below poverty still live better than say African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Russian, Mexican, Central & South  American, No Korean, Chinese, Philippine, Carribean, Indonesia, Indo-China or Mongolian folks in similar circumstances. So our 30mil poor are still better off than over 5bil+  3rd world-ers.

We listen to leftist pundits describe how bad things are and think they’re describing a Sudanese resettlement camp! We’re all victims held back by a system with biases and bigotry around every corner! Worse still, we export and impose these values {horrors?} on the rest of the world who hate us for it!

None of it is true of course, at least not to the extent they want us to believe. Our capitalistic, free enterprise, private property society wrapped in a constitutional democratic republic is the best system ever devised by man. Their socialist alternative? Doesn’t work. Never has, never will. Creates more misery and tragedy than a world can bear. Their tone would become our dirge, make no mistake . . .

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