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Some Call It Rebellion

America tends center-right on the political spectrum. Our form of government, rules of law and constitution all provide a conservative platform on which we built and run our society.

When issues arise the party in power looks to its counterpart as loyal opposition, expecting they’ll bring points of view & honest questions to the table within the framework of the system. As power shifts left to right and back again the opposition can be either side, but both sides love our country and abide by the rules, right? Consider –

When Obama was elected the loyal opposition myself included were sorely disappointed and worried sick about the changes he’d try to make. His speeches were full of promises to make things fairer, level the playing field, right old wrongs and transform America. We thought, what’s he talking about and why such disdain? Nevertheless we respected the process that elected him and accepted our fate, come what may.

 As feared, his first term saw many things we didn’t like or flat out opposed, but we hung in there. He managed to get Obamacare passed with no republican support, but we hung in there. Later some of its highly contested provisions were challenged  yet upheld by the court. Still, we hung in there. We gritted our teeth hoping it would soon be over, but no such luck! Even with a terrible economy and numerous scandals and controversies including Benghazi, he prevailed. We were aghast in utter disbelief. How could the country do this? Choose this inexperienced quasi-socialist over such a good man as Romney?

Again, we stuck to the rules and held our peace waiting for the next opportunity. We didn’t take to the streets marching, protesting, screaming hateful epithets, resorting to violence. There were a few minor exceptions driven by local incidents but in general we didn’t indulge emotions as some are want to do.

Finally, Trump appears and what happens? We know with certainty high ranking officials at FBI and Justice used their offices to derail his nomination, destroy his candidacy and prevent his inaugural. We know they made false allegations and openly lied to achieve their ends; colluded with politicians, party officials and news media; ill-used the courts to facilitate their scheme.

And it didn’t stop after his swearing in. They called for impeachment! The hatred was palpable, with libels, slanders, character assassination, false accusations, incitements to riot, urgings to harass supporters, anything to sabotage his presidency.

I say sabotage but they say no, it’s simply healthy, patriotic dissent. But is it? Did the framers imagine this kind of systemic  belligerence? Can it be held as measured or reasonable within the dictates of our system? Would dems have tolerated equal treatment of their man? Can partisan collusions and falsehoods be used to achieve such an outright rejection of a duly elected President?

I say no, this is not dissent; its more akin to rebellion and insurgency! It’s willful disregard for codes of conduct in a democratic society, violates congressional decorum and impugns the public trust incumbent upon party leaders, congressman, senators & government appointees.

It’s a subversive usurpation of authority leading to an effectual overthrow of government. Majoritarianism can’t be an excuse as we’re talking about the survival of this country as we know it. Rule of majority is enforced in the halls of congress, not the streets of DC, Baltimore or Philadelphia.

I started by claiming America is center-right, but admit there have been times when it appeared to move center-left such as under Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton or Obama. Even so, there endured a loyal opposition tugging it right, keeping it recognizable as a constitutional, democratic republic. Lawlessness leading to revolt won’t allow this. Majority usurpations in both public and private sectors will spoil the broth. Said plainly, if enough lefty tomatoes & red herrings are added to our traditional pea soup, it will become –  bouillabaisse tomat socialiste du jour . . .


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