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Special Kind Of Stupid!

I borrowed this title from something one of my favorite old cowboy actors Sam Elliott said in a public service announcement not so long ago. It seems particularly appropriate for what I am about to describe here.

For the longest time Hollywood stars and luminaries, sports celebrities and heroes and mega-wealthy business people and entrepreneur types {like the owners of sports franchises} have used their popularity/wealth as bully pulpits to tell us what we should think and therefore what we should do. They are not the slightest bit bashful about this and seem to have no qualms about the truthfulness of their position.

There was a time when they weren’t so brazen, when they kept politics and religion to themselves, when they drew a line between their public persona and private person. Well, no more. Now they act free & easy with what they think and support. Case in point: stenciling Black Lives Matter in bold letters on a basketball court.

I may be way out on a limb here, but this message does not belong in a sports venue. Period. I for one will not attend a game declaring this message nor will I watch such a game on TV. I do enjoy basketball, but I’m totally uninterested in the political opinion of the players and owners and their cheap tricks to kowtow to a phony populist movement that, at bottom, is anti-American! The same is true for football, baseball, hockey and all the rest. When an average sports fan willingly/ignorantly accepts this messaging they acquiesce to the meaning behind it  making them, I submit, a Special Kind of Stupid! Don’t miss our national anthem SKS!  Don’t mind hearing a 2nd tune for blacks only SKS! OK watching a spoiled rich prima donna athlete diss our country by taking a knee during the anthem SKS!

If you’re an American and love this country, you cannot do this. You can’t patronize an enterprise or activity which directly/indir ectly supports violent protests, riots and anarchy in our streets; the destruction of property and the killing of innocents; endeavors to bring down our establishment, institutions & status quo.

America has thrived by maintaining a civil society, allowing for peaceful protests and speaking out, embracing periodic election cycles whereby leaders at every level can be held accountable for their actions, nonactions and policies. Elections project our will, the direction we wish to go, and for it all to work those in majority must be of a like-mind. That is, hold similar values, exert the same ethics, feel the same level of respect for our national character and purpose. Blacks, Whites etc on this BLM bandwagon do not hold these values and are now a source of incivility and the beginnings of anarchy.

Black Lives Matter arose out of the Trayvon Martin case. It was created by a group of black female activists purportedly to deal with systemic racism but, by their own admission, this was a ruse. It was a political artifice acting as an advocacy group for civil rights when in reality it’s a bunch of hardcore leftists and avowed anti-capitalists, socialists and Marxists who hate America and whose entire purpose is to bring it down!

Do the homework. Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, Susan Rosenberg, Angela Davis, Nikita Mitchell, Assata Shakur: activists, terrorists, murderers! Ties/connections with ActBlue, Thousand Currents, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Communist Party USA, Weather Underground, Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Antifa, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and who knows who else!

These people are about sedition, anti-government action and revolution. If they can help the odd black criminal get a fair trial along the way, good. If they can indict an entire Police Department, great! If they can riot and burn, take over several square blocks in the heart of a major city, fantastic! These people are engaged in a naked insurrection, a bald-faced attack on the heart and soul of our country. They hate middle/upper-middle class America and everything behind it. They and their fellows under many names have been working incessantly for years to this end: to destroy our way of life.

When you support professional sports, and it actively supports them, you aid and abet their efforts to ruin us. When you listen to and support the movers & shakers behind Amazon, Apple, U-Tube, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and lots of other giants who throw millions in bribes & hush money to these anti-American Marxists/anarchists you are enabling them to turn America upside-down. When you lap up the goody 2-shoes rhetoric of the Hollywood set and limousine liberals who attack republicans, conservatives, traditionals, anything right, you are SKS.

When you expose your child to the progressive indoctrination currently programmed into school curricula, you are SKS. When you listen to the evening news on the major networks or cable channels and/or read the major newspapers and believe what they say, you’re SKS. When you remember the Clintons, think about Obama, expect good things from Joe Biden or believe there’s any hope for a wholesome prospect on a democrat-ticket/party platform that will work to the betterment of America you are SKS!

Wake up to this reality: the country is lurching left! They can call themselves social democrats, liberals, progressives, statists humanitarians, egalitarians, whatever. Their goal is the same; to change and transform America; to achieve indiscriminate  skill-blind diversity; saturated multiculturalism; thought-police style anti-racism; re-distribution of wealth; demean/discredit White Anglo-Saxon, western civilization superiority; repudiate and reject the wisdom of antiquity, the laws of natural selection or hierarchy and the fundamental and absolute divinity of a supernatural power greater than ourselves.

If you watch a football game, or a movie, or a favorite newscast or a political pundit or a TV sitcom or a PBS special or read the NY/LA Times, if you do any of these things without stopping to think about what you’re doing and who or what it is benefitting you are A Special Kind of Stupid, a detractor/destroyer of traditional, value-laden, constitution-driven, law & order abiding, Judeo-Christian believing, God-fearing America!

If you don’t get this you’re a menace and a potential author of a false and tragic destiny. I will fight you anyplace, anytime and say to all who listen – America has been, is and with God’s blessing will continue to be, with all its flaws and inequalities, one of the greatest countries that ever existed. Don’t throw it away!

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I’m Al Shane

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