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The Way I See It

I’ve suspected for years certain politicians have used their power in unethical, even illegal ways to achieve their ends. Since I believe ends do not justify means, this suspicion is disturbing to say the least.

Now we see actual evidence proving such behaviors by many individuals indicating some kind of conspiracy has been at work after all, particularly since Trump came on scene. I’ll use Deep State to describe what appears to be a cabal of conspiring individuals in/around government populated with people left over from the Obama administration.

Most of these operatives were at DOL, FBI, CIA, intel agencies, State and Exec branch. It seems they were at the highest levels in these areas and worked in concert to block Trump’s election, then destroy his presidency. In this effort they concocted false charges, created a fictional paper-trail and gave false testimony to bring him down.

I think Hillary was the villain behind the curtain, driving this. I think when she lost, she was furious! There she was, already celebrating her expected victory with friends/cronies and bam, it fell apart. It couldn’t have been worse if Trump had burst in, roughed her up, stripped her naked and threw her in the street: she was shocked/dumbstruck! It must have been right then, in her rage, she decided to get revenge and her pound of flesh.

Recall, cries for impeachment came almost immediately after his inauguration: Plan B had to be in place. He was sworn in on Jan 20th ‘17 and the Special Investigation began in May, but put-

ting all the pieces together and making a case probably took

many months, meaning it started to happen before his oath.

Instigated by her and I believe supported by Obama and the other villain behind the screen, George Soros, it took up 2yrs

based on nothing and uncovered nothing!

The Deep State is real. Its the swamp we talk about. With the loyalties she’d amassed, the congress, DOL, FBI & Special Investigation team were all mobilized on a wild goose chase. Dozens if not hundreds of top officials and attorneys wasted their time, our tax dollars & the president’s energies to pursue a vendetta.

There was collateral damage caused by this boondoggle. Many

many people suffered, besides Trump. Michael Flynn, a retired army Lt. General and genuine hero, inadvertently misinformed V.P. Pence about a telecon he had with the Russian ambassador giving an allusion of wrongdoing. Forced to resign, he was next indicted and during testimony allegedly lied to prosecutors and was convicted. On appeal he claimed entrapment. Still ongoing, he’s barely avoiding bankruptcy.

The president’s son Donald Jr was next, accused of treason! It

quickly went away. Many friends/associates were dragged in and some were convicted of unrelated crimes, but they found no Russia connection or collusion!

The media was in a frenzy, couldn’t get enough of hoped-for dirt & salacious information, running with story after story on Trump’s family and henchmen. They searched far and wide, went back years in his personal life. Oh yeah, in the interest of full disclosure I must mention the bombshell revelation of his alleged sexual misadventure with porno star/producer Stormy Daniels – 10yrs earlier . . . right! Guess they thought she was a Russian spy!

In any case, nothing was found because it was all a vicious lie.

Even when the truth came out the media stayed silent, playing an unrequited champion to the end, They only came back alive

when Pelosi used the “I” word again, talking of the 25th Amend.

My take on this – it must not stand! It was an outrageous abuse of our laws/constitution, a unacceptable miscarriage of justice! It wasn’t a witch hunt so much as an attempted coup d’etat!  We may someday look back at it as the winter of our discontent – but only if justice is served & the wrong-doers punished!

They are elected officials: career public servants; supervisors, managers, dept heads; directors – deputy, acting and so on. It goes higher. More material is coming in daily, alleging more of wrong doing at the highest levels  >  make that lowest levels. Like I said – it’s a swamp!

The general public must be made aware how far things were

taken by these rogue individuals. People need to see in starkest terms the irresponsibility/complicity of mainstream media, print, internet, anchors, talking heads, news babes/dudes, how the entire communication industry is overcome by 1-sided, totally biased, partisan reporting. We’ve not only lost fair, incisive journalism, we’ve become hapless victims of Big Tech Corporatists who parse/sift news before its public distribution. They censor what we see, restrict cable/internet access, effectively block opposing views from being aired.      

Things have gotten way out of control due to this prevailing  sentiment: liberal is good, conservative bad! This fallacious  attitude permeates the entire culture basking in schoolrooms, university lecture halls, newsrooms, movie studios, rock concerts, playing fields, courtrooms, aisles of congress, offices of government.

In fact, it even colors the ongoing debate on the pandemic.  Misinformation/inferior science are being used to intimidate and control us, politicizing the virus and playing to our fears. They use fascist style strategies to suppress our freedoms!

I end by saying we can’t shy away from the hardest job still: tracing the Russia fiasco back to Obama/Clinton. Obama uses his OFA, Hillary her millions from her foundation, Soros et al their billions > they perpetrated this entire hoax! That so many went along aiding/abetting is ghastly and unbelievable.

Want to drain the swamp? Let’s nail the b*#*ch once and for all: Bimbo-gate, travel-gate, Whitewater, unauthorized server, Benghazi, missing emails! Let’s rid ourselves of this nemesis, along with Pelosi, Schiff, the rest! Deport Soros! Restore General Flynn! By Act of Congress [expunge] the record of Trump’s phony, seditiously obtained impeachment! That’s how I see it. How about you?

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I’m Al Shane

Alvan I. Shane Author, The Day Liberty Wept 2270 N Euclid Ave Frequent Op-Ed Contributor Upland, Calif 91784 Political Donor to Cons Grps / Causes (909) 946-5104 Ex-Marine / California native Tax Accountant / Mar 43yrs / 1 son
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