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I know there are lots of folks who don’t want to hear it, but back when Trump was in office eggs were about $3.00 dozen. Then Biden came along and now they’re $8, $10, who knows? We also had a border that was secure, maintaining the integrity of our nation but, wouldn’t you know, with Biden we have no border.

I remember Trump calling the mainstream media, TV & print, fake news.  They complied by reporting that hooligans and rioters who spent months burning down cities were actually just a bunch of peaceful protestors exercising rights to free speech and assembly.

Are the price of eggs, riots and corrupt media all connected to Biden somehow? I’m fairly sure the overall economy was doing much better during Trump’s presidency, then tumbled when Biden took over. But, media didn’t go out of its way to compare or highlight that reality? Same with the Afghanistan pullout and fiasco where we abandoned $80 odd billions of military hardware and materiel with little media attention let alone criticism; no demotions or firings within military ranks, Defense or State.

Over $80billion of taxpayer dollars left up for grabs and no one suffered consequences? Can you imagine Trump letting a financial boondoggle like that go? I think general’s heads would have rolled along with civilian authorities up to Secretary of Defense!

But no, nothing like that happened and there was no media outcry. So we can say, regarding the money, the prestige of our military, even the efficiency/effectiveness of our foreign policy there it all was . . . gone! Just like our border and law & order: gone; justice, constitutionality, belief in the extraordinary success of our democratic republic and the capitalistic system on which it rests: all gone!

Reagan said and in their own way Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and others did too government tyranny one sort or another is only one generation away. If it comes it will be of our own making, from within. No foreign power shall ever ply our seas, tread our shores or violate our skies against our will!

This great republic, a noblest pride of man amid his many accomplishments, is at the brink. Deny if you will, but America has foundered, been overrun by enemies foreign and domestic and will soon be no more. Consider: non-elected bureaucrats shut down churches and businesses; confined us in our homes and made us wear facial covers; mandated we inject an experimental drug; elections rigged and unaccountable; a rogue president boycotts abundant energy resources making us dependent on foreign whimsy; criminals bail on their own recognizance; human excrement on public thoroughfares; FBI colludes with media to censor opposing political messages; Justice enforces a 2-tier system stacked against fairness and truth; men competing in women’s sports, children studying gender options, drag queens proclaiming alternative lifestyles; marriage redefined; abortion a choice and a state funded benefit.

We let hooligans destroy public property, historical monuments and statues emblematic of historical events. We let apostates join our elective bodies to create our laws, even though they hold antithetical views/beliefs from our own. We let heretics, sexual degenerates and domestic terrorists teach our children, proselytizing their personal opinions while demonizing those of the parents and the broadest cross-section of society.

Many of us boast the idea that, in America, we are truly free to express our views, applying this equally to native-borns or newly arrived aliens as well. The idea is, so long as laws are obeyed and culture respected, everyone has the right to be who they are, proclaiming their ideology to the whole of society. However, freedom of expression takes a different meaning from articulating one’s point of view when it coalesces into a sub-strata of the body politic, achieving a popularity not just persuasive but demanding, diluting the majority into a weaker bloc that must compete with radical ideas/concepts even though it still represents the majority of voters.

America worked because most of us were god-fearing, hard-working people who believed in our system, understood our ethics and morals, obeyed our laws and revered our history and achievements. We took pride in who we were, demonstrated success/effectiveness in myriad ways and were ready if called to embody/enact individual patriotism, even unto death!

Today, one must struggle to find patriots. One must take care when expressing patriotic views, even when they comport and project legal, constitutional realities. There is a state of confusion if not ignorance amongst the people who mostly assume all is well. To them, everything is business as usual. Politics goes in cycles: now right, then left. Or left, then more left to what we have now.

Where would we be, as a societal whole, if suddenly we all awakened to the reality our government serves an alien if not evil power wishing to destroy this country? What if we learned FBI, Justice, courts, media, entertainment, sports, corporations,  medical/health authorities, educational system, universities and government itself were become an immense cabal whose sole purpose is to undermine, beguile and trick us into believing it’s all good? No problem. Relax and enjoy the ride.

I’m not saying we should judge a president or his government solely by the cost of an omelette, gallon of gas or monthly utility bills. They’re important, but so are other things like border integrity, law and order, rendering justice, confidence in our medicine/science, upholding our ethics and morals and most critical of all: trusting government.

Maybe it’s time to look around, seriously assess what we see and begin reasserting the laws, ethics and standards that made this country great. Otherwise, go along to get along and pay no mind to the curious yet calamitous phrase – There It was, Gone!


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