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Truth Matters

Stop the liesGrowing up parents and teachers said tell the truth! In court or when taking oaths we swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, and a witty saying advises how truth will set you free. Virtually everything in life starts off based on honesty, trust and truth.

Truth usually boils down to what we saw, heard or read somewhere, as best we recall. Or remembering what we personally said or did to some one or about something, and why. Unfortunately our minds are not like cameras or recording devices keeping exact records and storing them indefinitely. The passage of time, emotional state and psychological status will all influence the accuracy of a memory. External factors like rewards, potential liability or threats can also distort or discourage the telling of truth. Nevertheless, in spite of our relative willingness or honesty, the reality of what took place is always out there in a metaphysical sense, waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes people hide the truth or twist it to serve their purpose. We then must search for it based on our knowledge of the situation, familiarity with the person, intellectual ability and our powers of deduction and detection. We ferret through facts, but using anything less than an honest objectivity will corrupt our truth-finding efforts.

Some examples of undiscovered truths might be life on other planets, the location of Noah’s Ark, the origins of civilized man, the builders of Stone Henge or the essence of dark matter. Some contested truths are who killed JFK and RFK, was OJ guilty, and what really brought down TWA FLT800?  The truth behind each of these may or may not be disfcoverable based on the state of our scientific method.

I think two disconcerting if not outright suspicious truths on which many still have doubts are 9/11 and the scientific explanation for why the towers collapsed, and who was most responsible for Benghazi? How did their actions or inactions precipitate that event and contribute to the deaths of four Americans? I believe more is known about these than has been released, but the full truth is being withheld to protect certain agencies, protocols and individuals.

obama-et-al-liars-nenghaziBenghazi in particular. It happened 2mo before Obama’s re-election. Admitting to any security failure or incompetency would have hurt his re-electability. If it came out Clinton was culpable it would have been equally damaging. Other interesting connections: if the Petraeus scandal broke in Jul/Aug as it should, we’d have learned FBI’s Meuller told AG Holder who told Obama and Secr’tys Panetta and Clinton, but they all kept it hidden until after the election?

Petraeus jeopardized national security just as we now know Clinton did. He was a lame duck and obviously demoralized that he had ruined his career. Did he botch Benghazi? In immediate aftermath Obama trotted out his spin doctors who lied to us for weeks, covering up what really  happened. Why? And why has Clinton stayed non-accountable all this time? Is there an ugly truth lurking in all this?

story_petraeus_panetta_giTo this day three years hence we have no analytics of the real-time interface between Petraeus, Gen Dempsey(CJC), Panetta, Clinton, Rice (NSA) & Obama, revealing how their communications initiated, integrated, escalated, circulated & stagnated, nor a detailed incident report of these and all major players for the twelve hour period before, during and after our station was compromised and overrun. No one has ever been held accountable for one of the worst foreign service disasters in history.

Its all available and retrievable with or without the cooperation of the parties, but it wasn’t done and stays undone owing to the best efforts of a toothless congressional committee, a biased media, a partisan government, an ambivalent congress and an apathetic populace. What chance truth in the clutches of these?

I believe if everything had come out Obama would have lost and Hillary would have resigned in disgrace, leaving her no chance or opportunity to ever run for president. Of course, what I believe may or may not be true. I’m biased against all these individuals because they’ve all lied on numerous occasions and can’t be trusted, which is the essence of the entire matter, the heart of truth itself.

We trust people who are truthful, or appear to be. If we want honesty, dependability, we can’t trust the people mentioned here. They’re flawed and work at cross-purposes to our own. We’re well advised to consider this reality, this truth, when voting. Our country may be at stake. Unfortunately, many wish to avoid the truth when it’s consequences aren’t convenient or it’s secrecy plays to their advantage. They’ll learn in due time truth avoided in a national matter will not be truth denied. I’m reminded of the film A Few Good Men. Jack Nicholson as Col.Jessup is admonished by the court to tell the truth. Uncomfortable & fidgeting he finally blurts out –  you can’t handle the truth!  Can we? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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