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Unfinished Business

the-clintons-bill-and-hillary-clintonI’ve believed for many years that Bill Clinton, with his low character, was one of the worst things that could happen to this country. He and Hillary together were a detestable duo as they dodged justice. Hillary by herself is the consummate white collar criminal hiding derelictions, perpetrating frauds, committing obstruction/misappropriation and, when expedient, dissembling, suborning perjury and lying to line her pockets and advance her career.

Worse still, I believe she was directly involved with Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans but obfuscated the blame and side-stepped the responsibility, escaping untarnished and intact. This wouldn’t have happened with a clear mandate from the people to find the truth, or the concerted will of the Justice Dept and Congress. But neither had fire in the belly to see it through, so for the umpteenth time she was one step ahead and got away.

Am I mistaken? The election revealed half of voters don’t believe any of it or just don’t care so long as they get her promises and liberal politics. Fifty million wanted her as their new Miss America/Madam President, warts and all.


As I said, I believe she’s guilty and, character-wise, dirtier than a pig in dirt. The other fifty million agree so what’s next? People need the truth, whether it validates hopes & dreams or their darkest fears. To learn if she’s victim or charlatan we need a reckoning.

Thirty years of possible corruption under color of authority. I’m happy narrowing it down to three issues: Benghazi, email mishandling and enrichment by possible pay-for-play while Secretary of State.

Demand three independent investigations by a non-partisan body, like a Grand Jury. Based on findings and impartial reading of law, she’s charged or released. If charged, she’s tried under weight of evidence until proven innocent or guilty.

To do less leaves a stain of uncertainty on the virtue of our government and it’s civil servants, lets millions labor under the falsehood justice relies on who you are and who’s your judge, leaving citizens like me in utter disbelief as to the possible chicanery, corruption and evil running riot in the inner workings and pantheon of our republic.

Innocent, wanting or guilty will validate history’s account of who this woman is. It puts doubt to rest, either way, perhaps cleansing her with altruism. Whichever, we need to know so we can deal with similar situations in the future. Justice cannot be held ransom by fear, fecklessness or partisanship. If cleared, so be it; if guilt bursts forth, truth wins out.

We need an airing, a spring cleaning of not just the culprit but her coterie of cronies and enablers. We need to know who they are, how they helped, what telltale signs foretold this mess. And her Party? Did they ignore facts, glossing over questionable acts in the race to win? Truth may wrest staggering consequences from perpetrator, helpers and bystanders alike. It’s a worry and a dread: can we weather such calamity as it may bring?

new_york_twin_towers_in_flames_september_9_11When 9/11 befell us many were dumbstruck in disbelief. How could this happen to the strongest, most advanced nation on earth? Where was our intelligence community? Military superiority? It was an Emperor  has no clothes moment realizing things were not so safe as we thought. Despite years of analysis bottom line answers never emerged explaining who dropped the ball, what systems failed, what safeguards should have been in place and why the Pentagon sustained serious loss of life when it had adequate warning and defenses to shield it from attack.

A naked personage botched our security. Can the same personage now feign watchfulness, probity & prudence over law, justice, government, constitution and republic? If Clinton did anything close to what I think, the emperor runs to hide again, and a new 9/11 is upon us .  .   .

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I’m Al Shane

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