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With all due respect, Congressman Ryan

Congressman_Paul_RyanIn response to email solicitation from

Paul Ryan’s staff on 7/24/13

Dear Cong. Ryan,

With all due respect, when you and Sen. Rubio joined with Senators McCain, Graham, Lee and others to support their immigration bill, it broke my heart.

I am Conservative first, then republican. When I see you and your colleagues vacillate on an important issue like this, when I see you making backroom deals and compromises, it shames me to be called republican.

 John McCainLindsey Graham

We know what to expect from people like McCain and Graham.

RINOThey’ve been RINO’S for years. But when a guy who has been steadfast in his principals suddenly backs down, or a new conservative champion  arrives bringing hope and commitment does the same, well, it gives folks like me pause. Makes me wonder, who the hell am I supporting? Why?

one-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eaterI’m not purple, RINO or wishy-washy about the predicament we’re in. We’re out on a limb, way out, and we either fight our way back or go down swinging. There’s no room for compromise, nowhere left to go but back toward center. Leaders like you should know that!

If the republican party won’t fight for me and the others, then it loses my affiliation and support. I’m not interested in a little here, a little there, or in half-assed commitments. Like being pregnant, you’re either conservative or you’re not.  Don’t wish or pretend, don’t try deceiving supporters.

I met you last year at a fund raiser, liked you and supported you, just like I support many other groups and candidates who I believe are truly conservative in word and deed. They believe as I do, we must first finish building the fence and staunch the flow of illegal crossings, or no deal. No democrat promises that are worthless, no one-way compromises that never balance out.

I hope you and your colleagues can man-up, tell the biased hard-left media to go to hell, and start acting like loyal, conservative leaders, founder-like patriots, traditional, constitutional citizens. Nothing less will do, and I cannot/will not support any person or group who leaves this path!

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