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Fooled US once, shame on YOU. Fool US twice, shame on US!

Fooled US once, shame on YOU. Fool US twice, shame on US!My friends, time to assess, I mean really assess. Hope and change sounded good, plus we were given an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Bush Bird & Black Bird. What a wonderful thing, to finally elect a black person president! Dr. Martin Luther King would have cried, he’d have been so proud. America finally casting off its mantle of shame & racist roots. At last a new day!

But, what came with the package? On the one hand, we’re proud Obama was elected. The country needed this, and needed to leave behind the trappings of the Bush administration, especially the last 2yrs. Here was a bright young black, well-spoken & educated, a wunderkind coming out of nowhere onto the national scene. The promise of his presidency was breathtaking! But, not to be.

Turns out he’s an ideologue, unable to work with the opposition to get things done; doesn’t understand the economy or private sector;  doesn’t respect the necessity for balancing the budget; seems nonchalant about national debt; grows/expands government beyond all imaginings; seems to encourage an exploding entitlement class; speaks casually/incessantly of helping the middle class when he’s actually shrinking it, since he means those making under $100K, not the $100K > $650K folks who populate the real economic backbone of our economy.

He doesn’t understand how his policies are suppressing job creation, how small business owners won’t hire in the midst of economic uncertainty. He demonizes the aforementioned folks as rich millionaires/billionaires with private jets and mansions, when nothing could be further from the truth. He thinks government provides jobs/answers, when in reality it’s a thriving private sector that makes this nation strong and great.

Most recently, he demonstrated a total lack of awareness of his role as Commander-in-Chief, or how his top priority is keeping our people safe. Watching the Benghazi tragedy unfold was like viewing a surreal silent film of a Chaplinesque character who hasn’t a clue about the gravity of the situation, or steps to be taken and role he must play as being ultimately responsible for the entire mess.

He bore no such responsibility, acted as though this was all an annoying inconvenience in the midst of campaigning, and delegated investigative efforts to the very same underlings who had dropped the ball to begin with! This is the blind leading the blind with final accountability nowhere in sight!America is built to last

This man prefers campaigning, golfing & appearances on TV talk shows to running the country! He has no presidential bearing, wears no countenance of heavy burden, and shows no ability to lead or govern. Most damning, he surrounds himself with minions/ lackeys of the same stripe, who offer no respite for our travails.

Time to get over the euphoria and see him for what he is: an amateur in way over his head with no good vision/plan for America. He will build the entitlement class while destroying the productive class, taking us to 3rd world status in the process, perhaps even to bankruptcy. He’s an intransigent socialist ideologue and he must be defeated, if America is to survive.

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  1. Dear Ben - Politics/Economics - [...] you tricky liberals. But ten(10) times, ten times in a row with the same old story and excuses? SHAME…

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