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Rank Amateurs

When Wall Street melted down, causing our economy to sputter and die, I kept waiting to hear who was responsible? What particular bank. Industry or government program was the primary culprit behind the debacle?

Nothing. Weeks went by, then months and years, and we’re still debating what happened. No one stepped forward to admit their error or stupidity, no government officials did mea culpas about underestimating impacts, creating foolish programs that generated unaccountable boondoggles, and no banking officials were held to answer for missing trillions.

All delightfully vague, with no accountability. Nobody lost their job, was demoted or reassigned. No criminal prosecutions/indictments. Just a bunch of hooey, and passel of pin-striped suits whistling warily as they carted away our money. And government types up to their necks in it, like Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd et al? They slunk off with reputations and pensions intact. No blame there, just business as usual.

This episode did to money and finance what 9/11/01 did to homeland security, domestic tranquility, military capability & American superiority. Destroyed it, along with all vestiges of our might, efficiency and accountability. Again, no one was held accountable.

We had severe, tragic breakdowns in our systems of homeland security, airport security, airplane security & communications interface of civilian-military security. All failed utterly. Miserably.

The spin was, we need to get past this, move on, make sure it never happens again. Let’s come together, mend our wounds, rebuild and look to the future. Oh yes, and focus on why this happened? Let’s work on fixing the problems and misunderstandings that led to that fateful day.

Now we’ve been smacked with a new 9/11. What the hell happened? I thought we were working on this, trying to understand and mend fences, and they killed more of our people anyway!

We’ve got a president boasting how he got bin Laden, running around saying al-qaeda and the Taliban are on the ropes. They’re not a threat anymore, but while saying this they/their brethren kill our ambassador and three more Americans. What’s up with that?   It’s been over 30yrs since we’ve had anything like this, and now this kinder, gentler president brings havoc down on our heads!

And what do we do? Nothing! Here we are again, standing around with our finger up, looking for someone else to blame. Where’s the press, demanding answers? Why has it taken congress a month to hold hearings? Why do we tolerate this president and his antics?

He sends his UN Ambassador out spouting breathtaking nonsense, has his press secretary tell us lies nonstop, allows his Secretary of State to remain almost silent, and he himself tells more to those ladies on The View than he does to the American people!

He remains in campaign mode throughout. No crisis here, just a little nuisance in that pesky Libya place, interrupting the grandiloquence of his politicking.

I’ll say it plain. Hillary Clinton is incompetent, in over her head and should be fired. It’s unbelievable she hasn’t submitted her resignation. There should be a complete top-down shake-up at State, ferreting out those responsible for this tragedy. If it traces back to the White House, and it’s smarmy reluctance to admit there even is a terrorist threat (workplace violence at Fort Hood?) the American people better wake up and realize they’ve got a dangerous ideologue as their leader, someone with his own agenda, taking his own counsel, seeking to fulfill his own fantasies.

Our military and intelligence communities must speak out! Career diplomats/professionals in world affairs must sound an alarm!

This mode of behavior holding no one accountable when tragedy strikes is unacceptable! Hold this course, it will strike again and again. We’re better than this. We must not become the world’s biggest idiot!

When will we realize and understand how the media is aiding and abetting this process, as are academia and the entertainment Industry? Our republican-style democracy is in the throes of a life-death struggle, and the liberals/progressives/statists are winning out!

Time to stand up to this nonsense and return to our roots. Time to reinstitute those policies/ideologies that once made us great. They will do it again, if we just face reality. Barack Obama, lackeys and minions must go! Time to clean house!


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