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A Miasma From Black Charlatans Limousine-Liberal White Apologists


In earlier pieces I wrote how Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Rev Wright are nothing but merchants of mayhem, spinning every situation, event & crime into a race-based witch-hunt. Case in point: Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon-Martin-zimmerman_protestVirtually every black leader across the country leaped to a conclusion this was white-on-black hate crime. End of story. Didn’t matter Zimmerman had a history of being cordial/friendly to blacks; didn’t matter he bore the bruises of a fight or that evidence/testimony showed Trayvon held him down and beat on him, pounding his head in the ground.

Within days Rev Al was leading a march demanding justice, threatening repercussions if the justice he sought wasn’t found. This is grandstanding beyond belief, mock indignation of the worst kind. But blacks listened, believed, and followed. He may as well be a demonic pied piper for the harm he does.

al-sharptonSharpton was born of the Tawana Brawley incident in 1987, she falsely accusing six whites of rape. A grand jury acquitted but, acting on the word of this 15yr old, he was a fierce, vitriolic advocate and since then a non-stop firebrand, damaging white-black relations every time he opens his mouth.

Jesse JacksonHe’s praised by supporters as the real deal, him going to jail if necessary to back his positions. Spouting racist hyperbole and defying authority are his hallmarks when promoting black interests, but beyond his immediate cause celebre those interests remain hazy. Meanwhile, he feathers his own nest with the spoils of being a black iconoclast, like Jackson and others; puppet celebrities all pitching their false, destructive demagoguery.

Sharpton and the sycophant media told us nothing of Trayvon’s troubled circumstance: 2 suspensions from school for being found with stolen jewelry and other property in his back pack; also burglar’s tools and marijuana. Maybe if he’d been treated as a juvenile criminal, detained in some kind of facility for young offenders, he wouldn’t have been prowling an upscale neighborhood which was already dealing with burglaries and break-ins. Maybe he wouldn’t have profiled out as a potential ne’er-do-well by Zimmerman, or by any observer for that matter.

Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch. Could he ignore such a person? Why did black leaders, national media, Justice Dept. and the president describe this as a white-on-black crime, if not to feed the racism beast? Why describe this young man as an innocent child walking home from school minding his own business, then suddenly attacked simply because he was black?

It’s naked opportunism & exploitation by unscrupulous miasma merchants, plain and simple. Not Murder1, 2, not manslaughter. But the whole country debates, looking for federal intervention with a hate-crime premise or civil rights violation. What a joke!

al-sharpton-and-barack-obamaBlack leaders, politicians & academics, every newspaper, TV show & talking head, Hollywood celebrities black/white and Obama’s Justice Dept at his direction is pushing it, meaning they are actively supporting and perpetrating a fraud. Legal experts/ scholars attest to this. Conservative blacks know it in their hearts including Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Star Parker, Allen Keyes, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and many more.

But intelligent people like Sharpton, Jackson, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rangel, Julian Bond, Andrew Young, Juan Williams, Bernard Parks, Mark Ridley Thomas, Eric Holder and Barack Obama don’t get it, or remain duped. Why? Because intelligence can and does bear false witness when soaked/steeped in undisci- plined, purpose-driven agenda. When scientific method is cast aside, reasonableness, propriety, common sense, even sanity all go out the window, leaving only bias, bigotry and hatred.

Jesse-JacksonI wish the black community could see these people for what they are, and reject their exaggerations and histrionics. Stop looking for what isn’t there. Focus on the facts, the realities behind the daily incidents that grab our attention. Understand that many dynamics are at play, and how jumping to conclusions isn’t the answer.

Racism is not dead in this country. I wish it was but, based on human nature, it will probably never completely die. Not too many years ago, problems involving whites-blacks had much higher chances of being race-related. Depending on locale, they were 80, 90 even 100% likely. We know that. But those days are gone. Today, just because a black person gets fired or never gets hired to begin with, or just because they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, one cannot/would not say with certainty their trouble happens just because they’re black. No other reason.

Said another way, fifty years ago throughout the south and in specific areas around the country, the mindset was if he’s black he’s guilty. Let him prove his innocence, hah!

Today very few will take that stance. Those who do stick out as the racists and bigots they are, easily identified and dealt with.

But to suggest the entire justice system, or education system, or society itself is still racist is the height of exaggeration & makes fools and morons out of those who say so.


This includes whites as well, who for whatever reason are totally willing to jump on the racist bandwagon and point their hypocritical fingers at truths that don’t exist. The Chris Matthews types, with flamethrower rhetoric; others like Ed Schultz, Piers Morgan, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller, Larry O’Donnell, Bob Beckel, Debra Wasserman-Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, etc.

These people give instant credibility to the Jacksons/Sharptons.

They fawn along behind like some kind of fan club, cheering them on, fanning their fires. They and their black role models are like arsonists in a forest, lighting fires irresponsibly, caring less who gets burned or if the whole forest burns down!

We are the forest, standing tall and proud after hundreds of years of struggle, pain and hardship. We’ve earned the right to stand our ground and not be victimized by the whimsy/agenda of such hateful agitators/arsonists as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson!

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