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Bitch of Benghazi

Hillary ClintonHoward Dean thinks Hillary may have some competition in the 2016 presidential primaries, due to her age. Right. How’s this for appeasing her fans and calling a skunk a pole cat? She’ll be 69 when those primaries roll around, and the party will want someone younger, he says.

So unfortunate, since everything else about her is great! She has no problems whatsoever. Just age. Can you believe this guy? I think doc has been inhaling too much of that chloroform stuff, and starting to believe his own bull.

This woman is eminently undeserving and totally unacceptable to be president. Her total career has resulted from the coattails and shadow of big dog Bill, and everybody knows it.

U.S. Ambassador Christopher StevensHer record is filled with lies and deceits. She carpet-bagged her way into a New York senate seat because people there are unmitigated liberals and wouldn’t know a phony nepotistic sycophant if it bit them on the butt.

She made a mockery of her 1st ladyship, tolerating Bill’s antics and lying left-right-sideways about his dalliances for years, even back to her Arkansas days. She lied/disembled about her crony-capital $100K windfall from cattle futures, about her involvement in Whitewater at the Rose Law Firm, about Travelgate, you name it. She had convenient lapses of memory, or lied straight up when all else failed. Her arrogance was disgusting.

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropThen she gets what amounted to a naked political favor from Obama, probably promised from the get go: Secretary of State. Talk about a blatant lack of judgement on his part! She’d never run anything bigger than her behind-the-scenes spindoctoring, wasn’t a career diplomat, had about as much foreign service/international affairs experience as a plebe in a cloakroom, yet astoundingly, she was handed State like it was a backroom at BLS, or the annex building over at HUD.

This was the error of the century by the pretender-president of the century, and it proved to be an absolute disaster. All she did was delegate, abnegate, vacate her duties as manager of perhaps the most sensitive, relevant department in the entire government, traveling/partying her way round the world more like a fawning buffoon than a dignitary.

Benghazi cover up

Benghazi cover up


Benghazi is her legacy. That fiasco and blood is on her dirty, uncaring hands. Today, ten months later, she makes no apology, offers no excuse, has no sense of priority/urgency for divulging what she knows; shows no shame or remorse; exhibits no self-deprecation concerning her derelictions of duty.

Hillary Rodham ClintonHer indifference demonstrates the lack of conscience/sense of guilt any normal person would have in her shoes. She owes the families a heart-felt confession. She owes the nation full and complete disclosure. Yet she remains aloof, unconcerned and unsympathetic. Unfortunately, we live in a time when being held responsible/accountable for one’s actions isn’t required, and our gutless politicians and media have no inclination for taking on such a task. Ethically, morally, we are rudderless in the storm.

Howard Dean may be right. Given this circumstance and state of affairs, Hillary Clinton is just one more turnip in a truckload. She’s more of the same, reflecting the attitude and hubris our people have come to expect.

Hail Hillary, Bitch of Benghazi!

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