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anthony-weiner-weenerWelcome to the funhouse, sometimes called Gotham City, the Big Apple, Metropolis and that Sex in the City place, but soon to be known as Sewer City, Johns Town, WeenieBurg or OscarMeyerVille.

Just a minute, while I roll on the floor laughing! The image of  that serious press conference yesterday just fogged my brain, with Hillary’s gal Huma defending her husband, standing up for his goodness and public service abilities  –  except for that one thing. This is theatre of the absurd, squared.

Please, please! Somebody pinch me. Smack me. Punch me full in the kisser! Wake me from this surreal stupor I’m in! It can’t be real, even for New Yorkers, who everybody knows are crazy. They made Hillary their senator, didn’t they? She was nothing but a carpet bagging interloper from Arkansas, rode in on the coattails of good ol’ Slick Willy, but they loved her. Turns out she was slick herself, faking her way up/down aisles of congress in/out of State Dept closets and parties, soon to be in the maw of the democrat 2016 presidential machine. Trust me, the Gates of Hell will fly open the day Bitch of Benghazi gets nominated!

WeinerBut I digress. We were talking about weeners, and not the picnic variety. I mean, this is just too funny. You people are actually contemplating a Mayor Weiner? Are you kidding me?? Are you so filled with self-loathing you want to be the Butt of the World?

A New Amsterdam? A red light district rivaling Henry Miller’s brain? Grace Metalius’ Peyton Place? JR’s Southfork?

You’ve gone off the deep end, folks. Signs at the outskirts marking your city limits should warn – abandon hope all ye entering here! There so much here, it boggles the mind.

Eliot Spitzer

First, Mrs.Weiner works for Hillary: check. Next, Elliott Spitzer wants back in the game: check. Next, Bloomberg wants to limit the size of drinks, burgers, fries and ice creams: check. Next, Batman is getting really pissed off, with all the insanity and only his one Batmobile: check.

stop-sexual-predatorsTime for a wake-up call, New York. Anthony Weiner is a sexual predator. Got that? He prowls the internet looking for young women to exploit and seduce. His therapy didn’t work, and won’t work. He’s a walking time-bomb, an accident waiting to happen, a sexual discrimination lawsuit on steroids. Imagine it. Only a few months in office & Blam! Mayor’s secretary screams abuse!

charles-schumerOther accusers come forward! City Hall reels under class action multi-million dollar lawsuit! Weener, I mean Weiner, claims innocence and entitled to counsel on the City’s dime. Taxpayer’s could be out tens, maybe hundreds of millions. Hillary, Huma, Bubba, Schummer all stand for Weener! I mean Weiner, damnit! Experts consider bankruptcy possible option. Unless, unless – a deal can be struck for a federal bailout . .  Bubba-BenghaziBrak to strategize .  .

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let one penny of my tax dollars go to a NYC rescue/bailout. Their insanity, not my problem. Let ’em haul their own trash, put out their own fires, if they’re really so stupid, so liberal-crazy democrat, they’d elect a pervert, a sexual addict, an unrepentant predator, like this man.

No self-respecting woman should vote for him. Those that do are political self-serving hypocrites; lackeys of a soulless machine, handmaidens of the totalitarian devil called liberalism, progressivism, statism, these ends justifying any means!


I know, we’ve got our own Bob Filner in San Diego, and Tony Vilar aka Antonio Villaraigosa coming in office with his Mexican TV Bimbo-Babe tugging at his arm, demanding favors, exclusives, what not. Then Girlyman Arnold, our erstwhile governor with his secret family in Bakersfield. Yeah, scandals are all over the land, but with them who knew? Weiner leers at fate.

Former-President-Bill-ClintonNo good can come of these political indulgences. To belabor the point, Bill Clinton’s dalliances in Arkansas were known by ranking democrats (including Hillary!) but they decided to back him anyway, feeling his skills/charisma excused the rest. See how that worked out? We paid dearly for his abuses and he tarnished forever the majesty of the White House. Thanks, Bubba.

Say what? We knew you were a snake when we picked you? Good point. So who do we thank? Right, those ranking democrats again, and Hillary, and the liberal rank and file believing rogues of their stripe can do no wrong, just like those haughty Catholics believing a few monster child-molester priests cannot befoul the Holy See. People of NYC, don’t be weenies! Reject this man and his backers. Put him in care, where he belongs!

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