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Boiling The Frog

Back at the dawn of my political awakening I heard a tale about a frog in a pot of cool water, languishing dreamily, never sensing it was slowly heating up until too late. Whether true I’m uncertain, but it’s a suitable metaphor for our situation today.

America has always had political crosscurrents with small breakaway groups stumping for their particular candidate/program. They’re often at the fringe of acceptability, being too extreme in some way whether liberal, hard-right or unconstitutional. But occasionally they catch on to some extent and continue on as part of the political landscape.

I’ve long thought the mainstream of American polity is huddled around the middle. I believe and argue we were a center-right country, tending on balance to be conservative/traditional in our overall societal attitude. This was the zeitgeist of early and mid-20th century America. But the democrats were growing stronger and amassing majorities in many metropolitan areas and blue-collar regions having agricultural or industrial workers wanting more protection/help from government.

Unionization took hold and crossed many job categories/occupations, becoming a monolithic voice for labor, which is to say democrat. Still, if one quizzed individuals of either party say in 1955-65 there was much they agreed on. Overlap occurred in fiscal constraint, foreign policy, border security, controlling legal immigration, maintaining a strong military and so on.

Then things liberal escalated with the Johnson administration and his Great Society. America’s budget began looking like Swedon/Norway with massive health and welfare provisions, more regulations and increased taxes. During the Nixon-Carter years the country actually moved center-left. In other words, more of us were looking to government for goods and services. Some also expected their unions to represent them politically, fighting for better pay and benefits.

Areas of ideological overlap receded and parties moved farther apart, platforms reflecting self-interest over national interest. Government grew, intruding more and more into daily life. By the time Reagan came along he made the joke – “if someone knocks on your door saying hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, watch out! It’s probably a trap!

It’s my view that, while over many years the country inched its way left for a variety of natural reasons, there was something else at work of a more deliberate insidious nature, encourag-ing/impelling the drift. Liberalism held sway over most democrats/some republicans, its credo being – help the little guy! Youth, blue collar, college educated and ethnic groups aligned themselves with this voting bloc.

Radical or extreme liberalism next emerged, particularly among those who thought socialism/statism/communism was a better governing system. They believed some sort of amalgamation/ conflation of democratic-republic/capitalism/socialism could be fused together yielding more hope, equality and equity for the little guy. Non-whites, particularly Blacks/Browns, formally organized into sub-cultural groups, forming mini-voting blocs with separate agendas. Next, women and pansexual-lifestyle groups organized pushing their agendas. Net effect? Average mainstream democrats were voting party lines that grew more and more progressive. It evolved that Kennedy-era democrats were unlike Obama democrats: the latter a different breed of cat!

Against this background a third phenomenon was taking place. An elitist group was operating behind the scenes. They were typically hyper-privileged, wealthy individuals who had blue-blood provenance, being heirs of European and Asian royalty; also nouveau riche 19th century Americans like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and 20th century versions like Gates, Bezos, Bloomberg and Zuckerberg.

These financial titans, helped by highly educated academics, be-lieved they should hold the reins over the world’s resources and peoples. This could best be achieved with the establishment of a New World Order accomplished by One World Government.

So, America was drifting leftward on its own but also being encouraged/prodded by sub-cultural/tribal interests along with elitist masters-of-the-universe interests. Average Americans red or blue had no clue this was going on: a steady incremental in-filtration intent on eradicating all vestiges of constitutional freedoms, rights, privileges, working to inevitably deconstruct America.

We should add, though things were going their way, the elitists knew it wouldn’t be enough. Patriots and pilgrims of either persuasion would never bow to socialist/globalist pressures to surrender their rights and accept oligarchy. Remembering how Lincoln said so many years ago America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves. So instead of being bold and confrontational they were shrewd, devious, creeping into the innards of our most sensitive, crucial bodies and institutions.

No bullets flying. No brute force. Simply finesse, determination and stealth, taking advantage of the nonchalance/lackadaisicalness of the American people. It was all spelled out long ago in works like RULES FOR RADICALS by Saul Alinsky, Pub. in 1971, THE NAKED COMMUNIST by W. Cleon Skousen, Pub. 1958, etc.

America has been under attack by various parties and elements for over 100yrs, the goal being to weaken and thoroughly debilitate the leviathan of liberty we had become. We were not just another democracy or republic rebelling against the ways of the world. We were the real deal, God’s land of milk and honey; faith, hope and charity; freedom, liberty and opportunity. A government run of, by and for the people? Ridiculous! Absurd! It did not fit their master plan!

Readers must now decide: who or what is this frog I‘m talking about? Is it the Frog-Prince himself, Trump, or a metaphor for the American people? I believe Trump was selected and has been on a mission to rescue us from the clutches and certainty of our political demise. I believe he’s the frog and it remains to be seen if he can cast off his stupor, leap from the pot and complete his task of saving America. Or, many will prefer the alternative metaphor: the frog is us!

Now, you understand the problem and get how it happened, meaning you know the election was stolen, Covid was a hoax and the Jan 6th insurrection was a false flag! Oh, still not sure? Listen to Am I the Only One?, a song by Aaron Lewis or Trump Won and You Know it!, a song by Natasha Owens or . . . .

The pot is coming to a boil, people. We’ve got to act! If not Trump who or what do you suggest? Hiding behind irrational loathing won’t work! Burying ourselves in massive cognitive dissonance won’t either. Our nemesis is pounding at the door and we’re standing in the kitchen watching froggy boil . . . are we on it people, or what?

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