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New Inducement to Folly


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re dealing with a president and crew having little regard for truth nor are they honest/forthcoming about their methods and tactics. They use sophistry and flat out deceit to sell programs/policies which are fundamentally changing the political/governmental framework of this country.

While debating issues as a candidate Obama said his goal was to transform America, to change our healthcare to a single payer system and tax the rich in order to level the playing field, using this transfer of wealth to aid the middle class, creating a more egalitarian society.

barack-obama_communistBy rich he meant those making over $200K; by middle class those making under $200K, and for those unfamiliar with the word egalitarian, it means equality regarding social, political and economic rights, the kind of forced equality one expects from statism/socialism. It’s clear he wants to bring down the upper class and raise the lower class, but his words rich and middle class are misnomers/false identifiers meant to throw us off his real oft repeated goal.

It sounds nice to say tax the rich since most of us aren’t rich! We know it won’t affect us. Same thing to say help the middle class, since most above poverty level consider themselves middle class and glad to take whatever help they can. But, please understand,  the vast majority making under $200K actually make less than $100K: in economic/demographic lingo these are the lower middle class and poor.

Conversely, the vast majority making over $200K earn less than $1Mil, so they are not rich in the true sense of the word, only relatively speaking.

Consider: if rich means over $200K demographers say these are the top 5%, including everybody from Joe the Plumber to Bill Gates. But, by changing the upper cutoff to $1Mil and taking out

Gates and his crowd of the uber rich, we can re-categorize those making less not as rich but upper middle/middle class. It’s really these folks he wants to tax. So he’s not helping the middle class, but hurting it! The only ones helped will be those making less than $100K: the lower middle class and mostly the poor.

Of course, helping this economic stratum is good if we’re to profess being a healthier, more equitable society, like Russia or Cuba, and isn’t it cunning to couch words and phrases in such a way as to trick us and exploit our understanding?

Again, the top 5% are rich compared to the other 95% but in analyzing this we find that of approx 16 million people only 1.5 million make over $1Mil. That leaves 14.5 million making less and therefore (in my book) not rich.

Out of 330 million,16 million make $200K+ but 90% of these or 14.4 million make less than $1Mil. Obama’s rhetoric disguises his actual plan to subsidize 314 million on the backs of the 14.4 millions, duping the millions in this group to believe they won’t be affected. Talk about lambs to slaughter!

He’s not after the real rich. He knows he can’t touch them. They know it too. To them it’s all a silly game, explaining why the Hollywood A-Listers, super-jocks and business tycoons can afford to support this man and his agenda. They’re all elites and blue bloods whose fortunes are secure and incomes hidden. They will pay no more tax than they choose, no matter what the government does, leaving us dummies in the $200K > $999K arena like swordless gladiators in a coliseum running for our financial lives!

middleclassAs taxes increase, a shrinking upper middle class will be lifting the poor into lower middle class; the entry bar into this group will go up; the bar defining upper middle class will go down. Therefore the number of people in the whole middle class will grow, since each upper middle class person losing wealth from taxation helps 20-30 poor persons to elevate their standing. End result? There will be less of us making between $200K > $1Mil,  and a lot more of us making between $50K > $150K.

It’s clear this president is leveling the playing field internally and externally, transforming America into another banana-republic.  Millions of upper class/upper middle class people will be at risk in this transformation, losing up to half their wealth.

George ClooneyS L JacksonJ. Foxx






It already happened to millions in the financial meltdown of 07/08, but not to luminaries like Clooney, Streisand, J. Foxx, S L Jackson, Buffett or Gates. They got through fine, and will weather anything else that comes along, bank on it. We in the upper middle, the 14.5 million, are the dummies, the hapless gladiators running for the exits, induced to this folly by deceit, sophistry, dissembling, the enticement of the socialist some for nothing mantra and the willful, collusive cooperation of the media.

Big-Brother-Obama-Watching-YouNothing Obama says can be believed; nothing he does can be taken at face value. We’re guinea pigs in a statist experiment; lab rats in his socialist madhouse. He’ll continue to evade, dissemble and lie and do whatever it takes to serve his agenda.

He began his conquest with false promises, mis-statements and bald-faced lies, none of which were challenged by media. He’s an unabashed charlatan of the highest order, yet still enjoys wide popularity. The masses are happy to go along, the intelligentsia woefully misguided by their own liberal, progressive beliefs and the uber-rich smugly unconcerned of things that can’t hurt them.

Through our apathy we aid & abet his redistribution of wealth, his shrinking of middle class and growing of lower class, luring millions into permanent dependency; downgrading America into a Europeanized 2nd tier nation, even to 3rd world status.

In  my next piece I discuss how he foisted Obamacare upon us with blatant lies, how these deceits are, in reality, political feints to distract us away from his real prize: implementing/enforcing a single-payer government-run healthcare system, the crown jewel of his transformational agenda and critical next step toward his statist, socialistic society.

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