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The Transforming Cometh

Tea PartyWhat many people characterize as a train wreck is being foisted upon us. Obamacare is the bane of our existence. Funding the government revolves around it, raising the debt looks to it, and any bill or legislative idea plays 2nd fiddle to it. It’s the main, underlying wedge between liberals/conservatives, the ever-present reason behind all current disputes.

lesmisThe left believes our healthcare was privileged, accessible to only a few, and that some 40-50 million people, for whatever reason, were left out. They went so far as to claim people were dying in the streets, being thrown out of hospitals for lack of insurance. Of course, their numbers included young people who didn’t want insurance, workers who had access but didn’t want to pay, illegals and those getting care from Medicare and Medical.

It was all ridiculously inflated to suggest a crisis, arguing the evil health care industry cared only for profits and not the needs of the community. Hardly any of it was true. If you are/were indigent, psycho-emotionally challenged, chemically dependent or suffering some desperate preexisting condition, the government programs and the innate civic duty/charity of doctors/hospitals/ clinics, not to mention the hundreds of private charities & foundations stepping in to fill this need, was there for you. You don’t sit on a curb or lean on a lamp post until you die!

Then there are those, mostly on the left, who claim healthcare is a basic right, and not one’s personal responsibility. Everyone is entitled, whether they can pay or not. Even whether they want to pay, or not. One’s personal philosophy on taking care of health and providing for the possibility of sudden need are secondary if not irrelevant to the notion care should be there and accessible to anyone who wants it!

Furthermore, this thinking requires healthcare to be a public service, not private, suggesting it’s in the panoply of other goods and services like education, delivering mail, safe roads, bridges, and reliable public transportation.

I love our country - it's goverment I'm afraid ofWe on the right feel healthcare, like food and clothing, is not a basic right but a fundamental responsibility of all who cope and are capable of providing for themselves. We believe government is a poor, inefficient dispenser of the goods & services it already provides, none of which come close to the demands, necessities and urgencies of a person’s healthcare.

We believe the left trumped up and exaggerated some negative aspects of private healthcare with the single-minded purpose of nationalizing it. It was a big juicy plum representing some 20%+ of the economy. Grab it, convert to a national health program like England’s and others, and be on our way to public-sector dominance of the economy.

Never mind a majority didn’t want it. Ignore how it will cost billions, about a trillion over the next ten years. Make light of the fact most doctors don’t want to be government-supervised or told what they can/cannot do for patients. Dismiss the idea many physicians will either opt out or leave the profession in disgust, even go elsewhere rather than be treated like some bureaucratic G-9 functionary. Deny all this will limit if not decrease healthcare accessibility, both in quality and availability. There will be waiting lists, shortcut procedures and wholesale delivery of medical goods and services in lieu of personalized, doctor-patient care.

None of this matters to the left, because they feel whatever we end up with will be better than what we had. They will be in charge. They will make decisions and control the many facets of our needs. Their power and authority will grow while private interests in the healthcare field & many other areas will diminish and become of minor consequence.

Four HorsemenThis is the statist mentality as it moves steadily toward socialism and worse. This is the transforming of America. It is a foreign, unacceptable ideology within the American mindset, yet has established itself in the person of Obama and modern-day democrats. It is an abandonment/rejection of all that was/is good in this country, an insidious subversion of our constitutional rules and values. It is an attack on free enterprise and a trashing of capitalism.

There’s no other way to see it. We will not be the same people as those who came before and made us great. We will be cowed and broken, relying more and more on government for our daily bread. Half of us already do. We have become our founder’s worst nightmare, a tragic, bitter disappointment to both our ancestors and posterity. We will be remembered as the generation that gave it away, the ones who didn’t have the guts to stand up to tyranny and social engineering. The ones who forgot there is no free lunch and never something for nothing.

I’m not sure if future observers of these events will think us dumb or ignorant, cowardly or mesmerized. Maybe they’ll think middle-class affluence served to weaken us, disabusing us of our basic responsibilities, duped us into believing hope for the future rested not on ourselves, but on government.

MasadaIf Obamacare becomes the law of the land, implemented and permanent, the great transformation is begun, gaining traction with this confiscation. Conservatives seem pathetic, unwilling to act, deer in the headlights of this statist machine. We must stand in the face of the behemoth and spit in its eye, or move out of the way and slink into mediocrity.

SpartansCarpe Diem! Do not give in to this outrage! Demand a one year delay and refuse to bend! Fund government but not this nightmare and let the chips fall. Force the left to give, or blame them for shutting it down! Hope and pray the people will awaken and rise up, rejecting this anti-American absurdity! It can be done, if it starts here and now. Resolve to this, and we will win this day!





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