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Where There’s A Will There’s A Wall

Let’s be clear: sovereignty is not negotiable! The more than half of us who still have our wits aren’t amenable to open borders or an open floodgates immigration policy. The world’s masses don’t gulp down Coke “ singing in p-e-r-f-e-c-t   h-a-r-m-o-n-y ” and won’t be doing so in a hundred lifetimes, so all you camp counselors out there sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Borders protect sovereignty and sovereignty insures the culture and traditions of a people, giving them coherence, strength and purpose. People in pre-history figured this out, joining together to thrive in hostile environs. It was survival pure and simple.

And I think it was Aristotle who loathed the idea of pure democracy. He knew a raw gathering of people, undisciplined, could not fend for themselves or find consensus. This held for homoenous, kindred groups but especially for a group of unfriendly non-communicative strangers as are the various peoples spread throughout the world who, given a chance, would come here.

Unlike Europe, America is vulnerable to unchecked immigration because we have 1) lax/unenforced immigration laws 2) open borders 3) a welcoming government and 4) a lackadaisically tolerant society. There are no walls in Europe because the nations there respect each other and trust their internal laws, language and culture to hold sway with rigid societal norms that police themselves. At least, this was the case before the massive influx of Islamic refugees swept across the whole of the continent.

A further problem is we offer benefits and incentives to immigrants, legal and otherwise, that are unavailable in most countries and cost us hundreds of billions of dollars. These attract/ downright invite people here over other places. The ongoing influx then weakens societal integrity, dilutes our body politic and obscures our original vision/mission. In short, it moves us away from where we started. We become a non-homogenous polyglot people with diverging ideas and goals.

America is like a human magnet attracting peoples of the 3rd world, especially the ones in Mexico, Central/South America and the Caribbean which taken all together account for 10% of the world’s population. Without a wall we’re like a giant candy store with its doors wide open, beckoning people in.

We’ve been talking about a wall for decades through multiple administrations but the will was never there. There was no leader who made it his top priority, until now. This president made a campaign promise he’s actually trying to keep. We must give him our full support, if we want to save our country.

Many feel a wall to be a mean, awkward last resort, perhaps an antagonism to a friendly neighbor. Message? Stay out! You are not welcome! But just like prehistoric times, this is survival! We can’t take in the 3rd world or be all things to all people. There are signs if not stark evidence our society is changing, moving from a homogenous body politic to a quasi-fungible, diffuse aggregate of various groups/sub-cultures, each fighting for recognition and privilege, each vying to assert its influence over the rest. Our national energy is being fragmented, dissipated into numerous efforts which may or may not benefit the whole.

I’ve said many times, diversity and multiculturalism are not strengths unless they’re of the assimilative, melting pot variety. In particular, the latter implies parallel cultures co-existing side-by-side which in and of itself is a contradiction to the notion of having a harmonious, unified people with similar ideas & goals. We cannot be harmonious if we speak different languages, hold different ethical values or observe various cultural traditions.

Its bad enough how we’re exposed geographically to a constant flow of would-be immigrants from the south, many of whom have shown they are willing to do whatever it takes to gain entrance to our land. In addition, we must consider the vast re-mainder of the 3rd world measuring billions and probably hoping to come here as well. Add to this the globalist sentiments and/or antinationalist politics of a large segment of our people who sense no problem or danger with open borders or a steady influx of foreign, political neophytes who are mostly ignorant, uneducated and unsophisticated, and we can see the problem.

A wall is needed, necessary and non-negotiable. We have an opportunity and a leader with the will to build it. Let us not falter or hesitate in the heat of this moment. Let’s build this wall!

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