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Obama’s Commandos – Part II – Blacks, Hispanics, Asians

malcolmx2OK, pat yourself on the back. You’re the ones who made it happen, together with the folks in Part I. You too are enthralled, mesmerized by this master of teleprompters.


Yes, he’s black. Youthful. Idealistic. Non-warlike. Ivy League. Chicago streets. Smokes discreetly. Invites rappers to the WH. No scandals nipping at his heels. Ideal front man for an anti-established-old-white-guys movement.


There’s more to it than simplistic sarcasms, more biases & deep-rooted angers driving this backlash, so time for conservatives, moderates and freedom-loving Americans of every color, age and gender to wake up, smell the coffee, manure, whatever.


IMPOSSIBRU_GRAMMAR_1325124586Asians are a befuddlement. Why identify with Blacks/Hispanics who on average are far below your median income & academic achievements? What is the common denominator causing you to vote for this man by a 72%+ majority? It seems crazy except for one possibility: Asians come from heavily socialized countries and identify more with state authority than with individualism, independence, personal responsibility/liberty.


Japan, Taiwan & South Korea are not socialist, but their societal structure reflects a faceless masses mentality, where all are equal and the same. Perhaps it’s my misperception but something tells me the average Asian living in the far east, regardless of place, does not enjoy/expect the same level of respect and dignity, call it individuality, as they come to enjoy here.


It’s great doing the same as everyone else, being the same, acting the same, and nobody telling you, do this, do that! Still, you like the familiarity of the old ways, the regimented modes of behavior, the authoritarianism. Teacher, doctor, writer, scientist, all cogs in a wheel of those pseudo-socialized old states; now here in this pseudo-democratized new state, under the democrats.


You lean left toward statism, especially being a minority, feeling disadvantaged in that respect. Democrats mimic societal bosses/ managers in the east, giving you best of both worlds. You can thrive but blend, be big shots but stay anonymous. Under Democrats you get socialist rights AND republican privileges!


bmAnother thing: your parents/grandparents suffered with the Ugly American syndrome, particularly under men like TR, WH Taft and the generals they dispatched throughout Asia. Study reveals even Woodrow Wilson, the standard bearer of modern progressivism/statism, harbored racist beliefs.


Under these men promises were made and broken, which some say led to WWII. Reading accounts now, one can deduce late 19th/early 20th century presidents we’re basically white supremacists, and if many of these were republicans, there you go.


Or can it be you remember the horrible treatment your ancestors received post civil war building the railroads? Facts are Asians, mostly Chinese, were indentured servants, if not slaves. Those who did break away to start businesses on the edge of frontier towns were ostracized, mistreated and murderously envied for their hard-won success & prosperity, however meager. Purges came, and those who didn’t flee were criminalized, property confiscated, and often killed/murdered. Do Asians believe these frontier villains/murderers were republicans?


Then the indignities of WWII, the bomb, occupation of many homelands. These were humiliating if not devastating. Do these memories linger as resentments with the Korean War, Viet Nam, even a Red China? Do you blame the US for not opposing Mao more vigorously, or do you liken him to America’s founders?


Is it possible you associate warlike acts, Anglo-centric foreign policies, even weak/ill-defined Asian affairs more with republicans than democrats? Were Nixon and Ford more culpable in these regards than FDR, Truman, Kennedy or Johnson?


Whatever the reason, you turned out a big majority for Obama.

You should reflect on that and the thoughts I’ve expressed. Make sure you’re not caught in some kind of Asian zeitgeist, some illogical group-think like in other ethnic groups. It isn’t healthy for a societally-strong nation, and if America falters where will be the next safe haven for Asians, Blacks, Hispanics & Jews?


I may be way off. I’m not a demographer, sociologist, political scientist, whatever, but regardless of reason Asians turned out a big democrat majority. I must ask: if you’re doing well, successfully assimilated into American society, wouldn’t intelligent persons develop their own political philosophy based on personal experiences, observations & appraisals? Shouldn’t this result in an equal distribution of opinions, or bell curve, rather than a lopsided majority? Only 47% eligible to vote showed up. If 65%+ vote and a 70% bias holds, it will be much worse .  .


Something worked to skew the expected result. Unless Asians are inherently, predominantly socialists, they’re letting themselves be falsely/dangerously led to become so. They and other ethnic groups need to deal with that, before it’s too late.

Migrant Workers in the fields of Sinaloa

Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, Mexicans, South Americans, all of brown skin. You migrate here legally/illegally bringing your old ways/customs along. Why? Here you have a chance to think for yourself, better yourself. Isn’t this a better deal than what you had back home?


Why act and vote in ways that weaken America and may someday bring it down? Is there another place to go if America devolves into a run of the mill Central/South American country? Voting democrat, blindly/monolithically metastasizes into just that: Democrat =left>liberalism>progressivism>statism>socialism! Whether a democratized version or dictator driven, this is what most of your countries are, and why you left. By the way, only 48% eligible to vote did, giving a 75% blue-brown margin!


Republicans, conservatives, centrists, even libertarians are not your enemy! They offer balance, criticism, stability and a loyal, healthy opposition for our political system. This is what made America great during the 19th/20th centuries. Contrary to popular belief, we were center-right, not ultra-right, at least not in our national political character. We had balance but ongoing differences of opinion, causing progress, leading to greatness.


If voting blocs of single purpose now align themselves on the left, for whatever reason, the effect will be/has become an un- raveling of our 2-party system. Balance is gone, 1-sided ethnocentrism emerges under the democrat banner, and the best most long-lived democratic republic is beginning to crumble.


Fewer & fewer carry their load. Takers are over-taking givers.

Traditions/values long holding sway, whether rich-poor, young-old, even white-nonwhite, are giving way to 3rd world methods/ mechanics where the state is parent, the people its children.


This is not how we got here. It will not be a betterment of the system we have. Our greatness will not endure. Individualism, freedom to be who we choose, opportunities for success, all are degenerating rapidly into what can I get from the state? What programs are available? What free stuff? These attitudes/beliefs do not build character or generate success. They’re harbingers of mediocrity, and the soullessness of a Marxist state.

No matter how hard one tries, one can’t reconcile human nature with conditions necessary for creating an egalitarian paradise. Being part of a herd/collective does not make the human spirit soar, nor do the imperfections/misadventures of man allow for a perfect world: only a more perfect one, rooted in the values, ethics, justice, equality & liberty of a constitutional democracy, all  of which are found in limited supply, if at all, in a socialist State.


thCAMYM0UENothing resonates? Let’s be blunt: re-conquest of California, Arizona, Texas or New Mexico are not a possibility, at least not in the context of a strong, vibrant America. Illegal migration for whatever reason is not an option. Illegals already here get no special treatment. Rule of law, secure borders and a fair, effective immigration policy must control, if the integrity of national sovereignty and character are to prevail.


If this sounds harsh the reader does not appreciate the value to a political entity of having an homogenous populace with similar language and custom, sharing similar goals, aspirations & ideals. These are certainly available/doable to an immigrant influx, but only when controlled in a measured way that guarantees a high degree of assimilation/conformity, meaning acceptance of our laws, language and traditions.


I hope something here or in prior discussions/admonitions offers some shred of reasonableness within the Hispanic mindset, some aspect or truth that causes them to re-assess their political stance how they & it may be hurting their own future interests. Patriotism/loyalty to the American model demands respect; respect demands truth, fairness, justice & liberty. These were found/were more real {extant?} in the Old America, than in this new one.


luther kingWe now come to Blacks, Black Americans, African Americans, American Blacks, all of black skin or heritage who voted overwhelmingly, repudiatingly, for Obama. Something like 92%+ of 67% of eligible black voters who voted, inspite of all we heard of voting impediments and hardships, made it to the polls. Black turnout was one of the highest voting categories, right behind high income, well educated whites.


What does this say? What can it mean for America’s long term prospects? We’ve already identified Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, elderly, young adult & single mom voting blocs giving heavy, effective support to democrats. What about other voter categories equally predisposed, such as women(55%?), teachers/college professors/academics (70%?), public sector workers/all levels (68%?), union members (68%?), entertainment/ sports (75%?), broadcast/print media (74%?).





This smacks of a democrat leviathan, growing rapidly, taking over the political landscape, becoming irreversible in its path. Do Blacks & these twelve(12) voting-blocs share similar goals? Have the same gripes? Boast and persuasive, valid arguments why they vote the way they do? Why they think moving this country left will result in a better, kinder America?





I think this is the enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality. These numbers are both formidable and exasperating, given no common thread, besides blind self-interest and/or generalized proletarian aggrandizement. Given how many Blacks, Latinos &  Asians are in the professional class, even this doesn’t hold.


I suspect each group probably has definitional purpose behind its bias, some more cogent than others, the whole lot pushed along by a liberal, progressive mantra. Why does it work so effectively? Because of the collusion/conspiracy among media, academia, entertainment and government. These venues offer few conservative voices in opposition to the socialist onslaught.





al-sharpton-3-320x320Blacks have come a long way, farther than the rest, yet here they are putting it all on the line. For what? More favoritism? More affirmative action? A bigger handicap in the game of life? I’m one miniscule voice, but there are others like me who ask, what in hell were the 94% thinking? First time maybe, euphoria of having one of their own outdistancing all rational thought. But 2nd time, after seeing the flaws, incompetency and arrogance? What does this say of their character, integrity, Americanism?


Damn little, I’d say. Whether they want to be first among equals, enjoy payback on history’s stage, or simply get reparations and other free stuff to the detriment of others, I fear they trample the bounty of a hard-won success. They demean the concept & spirit of being equally intelligent, fair-minded, worthy of honor and respect, in the racially generic sense. How would Dr King view all this? How would he extrapolate this posture, these attitudes, into the future prospects of Blacks?


thCA50UX4VBlock-headed voting, color-driven preferences, are not compatible with a healthy democratic political system. They are self-serving, counter-productive & flat out hostile to a body politic. They cannot lead to anything good: not for the self-interested sub-group; not for the entire system.

Blacks must put anger/racism aside, to promote their interests. Browns must improve their state of education, pull themselves up out of primitivism/ignorance if they are to become healthy participants in this society. Asians must reflect on what they really believe, measure the benefits/rewards to which they’ve become accustomed, lest they unknowingly throw it all away through intellectual lethargy and political acquiescence.

I speak more to the voting-bloc mentality of various other sub-groups in Part III of this continuing series. I welcome your comments.



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